Issue 515


BY SIMON BUTLER SYDNEY — Federal trade minister Mark Vaile's confirmation on October 30 that the November 14-15 ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has been moved to the site of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games in Homebush
BY CHRIS WILLIAMS WOLLONGONG - The Greens' Michael Organ was officially declared the new member for the federal lower house seat of Cunningham by the Australian Electoral Commission on October 30. Responding to the announcement, Organ stated the
BY GRAHAM MATTHEWS MELBOURNE — On October 30, Victorian Labor Premier Steve Bracks ordered a moratorium on the logging of the Goolengook state forest in the East Gippsland. Under the moratorium, logging in the old-growth forest will be
BY ALEX BAINBRIDGE HOBART — In the largest of several anti-war protests held around the country, 2000 people marched through the Tasmanian state capital on November 2. Green triangles, Socialist Alliance “No war on Iraq” placards, union
BY EMMA MURPHY ADELAIDE — On October 29, around 100 people attended a public meeting in Adelaide organised by the Network Opposing War and Racism. The meeting was chaired by ABC radio personality Julia Lester. David Palmer, senior lecturer in
BY CHRIS SLEE On October 30, Australian Taxation Office (ATO) staff began to vote on a new agency agreement. Voting will close on November 7. Opponents of the agreement, including supporters of the Members First group within the Community and
BY MEG WHITE-FOX & DANNY FAIRFAX SYDNEY — On October 30, 200 students congregated at Sydney University's Manning Bar to listen to a debate on the question, “Is the World Trade Organisation a positive step for world development?”. It
BY KAMALA EMANUEL LAUNCESTON — One hundred people attended a demonstration against the Gunns woodchip company's forestry practices at its annual general meeting on October 31. One banner read "People don't kill forests — Gunns kill
BY IGGY KIM SYDNEY — On November 1, the organising coalition for the November 14 rally against the World Trade Organisation (WTO) decided against a march. Instead, the coalition will leave it up to different contingents to hold their own
Illawarra anti-war rally WOLLONGONG — On November 2, 350 people attended a rally and march to stop the war on Iraq. Speakers included South Coast Labour Council secretary Arthur Rorris, Amy Parish from NoWar, Doreen Burrow from the
BY SUSAN PRICE& LIAM MITCHELL SYDNEY — On November 2, members of the Labor Party attempted to have the Leichhardt Council close down a Socialist Alliance anti-war stall outside Norton Plaza. The Socialist Alliance (SA) has held a stall
BY SHUA GARFIELD HOBART — The Tasmanian ALP state conference, held October 26-27 in Launceston, voted overwhelmingly to not debate a motion put by Denison MHR Duncan Kerr to end logging in areas of high conservation value. Instead, it
BY ALISON DELLIT Despite a Newspoll indicating that public opposition to a war on Iraq has not been dented by the Bali bombings, Prime Minister John Howard has strengthened indications that Australians will be part of any US-led war on
BY KIM BULLIMORE SYDNEY — “The raids by armed secret police on a number of Muslim families in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth must be condemned by all who value democratic rights”, said Sam Wainwright, the Socialist Alliance candidate for the
BY FEDERICO FUENTES & KIRAZ JANICKE PERTH — Seventy people, mostly Muslims, attended a meeting at the Australian Islamic College on November 2 to discuss the recent ASIO raids on Muslim families. The meeting heard accounts of the


BY NORM DIXON In recent months, Turkish government and military leaders have repeatedly threatened to invade northern Iraq to prevent Iraqi Kurds creating an "independent state" in the aftermath of Washington's planned war on Iraq. Even though US
No to Bush's war on Iraq! That message rang out at huge protests at both ends of the United States on October 26, and in smaller demonstrations across the country. More than 100,000 people turned out on October 26 in Washington, DC, for the
BY JOHN PILGER LONDON - Graham Greene once described a "subterranean world, where the hopes and dreams of the mass of the people reside, unconnected with the rarefied world above, until those above take one step too far". There is a
BY MAX LANE JAKARTA — The "war on terror" propaganda campaign being conducted by the Australian and US governments is providing ammunition for xenophobic right-wing political forces in Indonesia. Australian government support for the
BY JIM GREEN A new study by the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network (SEEN), a branch of the Washington-based Institute for Policy Studies, reveals that the World Bank provided over US$24 billion in corporate welfare for 229 fossil fuel projects
BY BORIS KAGARLITSKY MOSCOW — On the evening of October 23, all of Russia's television channels interrupted their broadcasts to report that a group of Chechen fighters had seized the Moscow theatre centre where the musical Nord-Ost was playing.
BY ROGER BURBACH Elected in a landslide victory with over 61% of the vote, Luis Inacio da Silva will become president on January 1 of Latin America's largest country with 175 million inhabitants. Lula, as he is commonly known, received three
BY IGGY KIM On October 24, a debate was held in Britain's House of Commons over the Foreign Office's handling of the detention of Lesley McCulloch in Indonesia. The debate was initiated by Alan Reid, the Scottish Liberal Democrats member for Argyll
In the largest protest march in El Salvador's history, at least 200,000 Salvadorans, or 4% of the nation's population, completely shut down the country's capital, San Salvador, on October 24 as they took to the streets in the second “white
BY EVA CHENG Created in 1989 to help break Third World resistance to the Uruguay Round of trade talks, the 21-country Asia Pacific Economic and Cooperation (APEC) forum plunged into near irrelevance in 1997 when the economic crisis hit Asia. But


The Motorcycle Diaries: a Journey Around South America By Ernesto Che Guevara Fourth Estate $20.95 REVIEW BY STEVEN KATSINERIS The Motorcycle Diaries is the incredible story of a remarkable road journey, written in the words of a
BY JAMES CRAFTI MELBOURNE — Are all Aussies heartless bastards? This was the question that was thrashed out at the third annual Green Left Weekly comedy debate. Almost 200 people crowded into the Brunswick Town Hall on October 25 to find
SYDNEY — Around 1000 people enjoyed themselves at the inaugural Rock 4 Refugees concert on the afternoon of October 27. The concert was held at Henson Park, Marrickville. Among the bands that performed were Mental As Anything (pictured), the
Eddie Gilbert: The True Story of an Aboriginal Cricketing LegendBy Mike Colman and Ken EdwardsABC Books, 2002280 pages, $29.95 (pb) REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON Only one bowler has ever knocked the bat out of the hands of Don Bradman, cricket's


Labor joins attacks on civil liberties In a stunning display of just how far to the right a Labor leader can go, NSW Premier Bob Carr has called for even more attacks on civil liberties, paving the way for a crackdown on dissent, and