Wendy Bacon reports on a draft bill that proposes a new form of urban governance that could give NSW business property owners a special say over how public spaces are used.

Big Tech behemoths have much to answer for: the destruction of privacy, the ruthless monetisation of user data,  behavioural modification and hypnotic seduction. But Binoy Kampmark argues that censorship is not the answer.

One hundred and fifty academics have sent an open letter to Labor urging it to acknowledge Israel’s genocide, the slaughter in the West Bank and to support the International Court of Justice the International Criminal Court. Paul Gregoire reports.

Immigration minister Andrew Giles has caved to Coalition pressure and announced that he will be deporting non-citizens. Paul Gregoire reports.

Labor denies sending weapons to Israel. By focusing on the word “weapons”, it ignores exports of “ammunition/munitions” and “parts and components” which are covered by a 2014 arms treaty Australia has ratified. Michelle Fahy reports.

Comedian Akmal Saleh spoke at the Magan-djin/Brisbane rally in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Video by Alex Bainbridge.

As the climate emergency and extinction crises deepen, there is no choice but to struggle to democratise the economy so that it can be made to serve social needs and ecological sustainability. Peter Boyle reports.

Climate records are being broken by large margins and Anthony Albanese and Peter Dutton are both failing to offer solutions writes Alex Bainbridge.

Labor pretends to support a ceasefire on Gaza, but as Sue Bull argues, it has refused to take concrete steps to sanction Israel. It is therefore helping give Israel the political cover it needs to continue its now nearly nine-month genocide.

NT citizens are hoping that the new voluntary assisted dying law in the ACT leads to them also gaining the democratic human right to compassionate end-of-life choices. Suzanne James reports.

Paul Gregoire spoke to Cathy Peters, a former Greens councillor in Marrickville, who successfully moved a boycott, divestment and sanctions motion and who co-founded BDS Australia about prospects for the campaign against apartheid Israel.

Labor Senator Fatima Payman spoke out against genocide at the Friends of Palestine WA rally in Boorloo/Perth. Video by Wade McDonald.