The International Court of Justice has found that Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, along with the regime associated with them” are being maintained in violation of international law”. Binoy Kampmark reports.

NSW Premier Chris Minns, who has dragged his feet on Labor’s promised drug summit, has just announced a four-day forum, with two regional dates also set. Paul Gregoire reports.

Sydney law firm Birchgrove Legal confirmed that the International Criminal Court has added its evidence on Australians MPs, including the Prime Minister, to the ICC’s investigation into the war in Gaza. Paul Gregoire reports.

Socialist Alliance issued the following statement in solidarity with the Construction Forestry Maritime Employees Union on July 18.

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In the middle of a cost-of-living and housing crisis, it makes sense that a majority of young people think Australia should be more socialist, argues Isaac Nellist.

It may sound good, but are serious dangers in tying a renewable energy transition to the profit interests of corporate capitalism as Labor’s new renewable energy “superpower” plan does. Peter Boyle reports.

As Gillian Segal has a track record of insisting that legitimate criticism of Israel is antisemitic, it is more likely that she will be an envoy for promoting racism and division, argues Janet Parker.

Green Left’s Alex Bainbridge spoke to Independent Senator and DjabWurrung Gunnai Gunditjmara Lidia Thorpe about Labor’s promises and record on addressing First Nations’ injustices.

David Mejia-Canales from the Human Rights Law Centre speaks to Alex Bainbridge about the new report Protest in Peril

Ecosocialist activist and organiser Jess Spear argues that we need to place an understanding of the ecological crisis at the centre of our struggles, in order to move beyond capitalism and secure a future for humanity and the Earth.

There is compelling evidence that we need to shift away from a market-based economic system to a needs-based economy with people and nature at its centre, argues Susan Price.

The controversy created by Senator Fatima Payman’s exit from federal Labor points to the crisis of the two-party parliamentary system. Sue Bull reports.