About GLW - the need for alternative media

In these days of growing media concentration, Green Left Weekly is a proudly independent voice committed to human and civil rights, global peace and environmental sustainability, democracy and equality. By printing the news and ideas the mainstream media won't, Green Left Weekly exposes the lies and distortions of the power brokers and helps us to better understand the world around us.

Green Left Weekly, launched in 1990 by progressive activists to present the views excluded by the big business media, is now Australia's leading source of local, national and international news, analysis, and discussion and debate to strengthen the anti-capitalist movements. It is both a hard copy and online publication.

Green Left Weekly aims to provide a much-needed forum for discussion and debate about changing the world. By giving a voice to progressive ideas, by sharing a wide range of views, by linking issues, campaigns and activists, and by letting people know how they can join with others to take action for change, the paper contributes to the development of a more just and democratic world.

Most importantly, Green Left Weekly is a campaigning paper: it helps strengthen the anti-racist, feminist, student, trade union, environment, gay and lesbian, civil liberties and anti-imperialist movements by linking the issues and activists, and by letting people know how they can join others in action for change.

Green Left Weekly is your paper. As a grassroots publication, it thrives on your input. If you, like us, believe that what we think and do makes a difference, why not get actively involved? As well as reading it every week, you can write draw or photograph for it, help publicise and distribute it or support it financially by making a donation to the annual Fund Appeal which makes the production of the paper possible.

If you want to get in touch with the campaigns we cover, or if you just want local distribution centre.

Don't just get angry. Get informed. Get involved.

Green Left Weekly has been present on the web for some time. Our aims include linking like-minded activists, socialists, environmentalists, feminists, anti-racists. If you believe your site should be linked to the Green Left Weekly web site's Other Progressive Sites page then send us your details. Naturally we encourage all like minded activists to add a link to Green Left Weekly.

We hope you find Green Left Weekly stimulating and useful and look forward to your feedback and support.

Green Left welcomes, but cannot pay for, original contributions. Material published on Green Left is welcome to be reposted providing a link back to the original is included. Views expressed in signed articles represent those of the author's, not necessarily those of Green Left or the organisations to which they belong.