Issue 464


ANU union elections @box text intr = CANBERRA — The September 3-6 Students Association elections at the Australian National University were won by the ticket associated with the incumbent officials. The left-Labor controlled Education Action
Refugees solidarity tour ADELAIDE — Local supporters of the campaign for justice for asylum seekers will join the Free the Refugees Solidarity Tour to the Woomera Immigration Detention Centre on September 21. So far more than 100 have
BY KEARA COURTNEY SYDNEY — A strong statement of solidarity with the plight of asylum seekers was made on September 9, when 1500 people gathered to condemn the federal government's policy on refugees. The rally was organised by a coalition of
BY LUKE FORMIATTI & SIMON BUTLER BRISBANE — The Labor-controlled University of Queensland Student Union has taken drastic action to prevent students from organising against the US war drive. After the University of Queensland Socialist Worker
BY NICK EVERETT Thousands of Ansett workers have rallied in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to protest the jobs and entitlements they have lost as a result of the aviation giant's collapse. In Melbourne, 4000 workers from nine different unions
BY PETER JOHNSTON DARWIN — Larrikiah elder June Mills has been pre-selected as the Socialist Alliance's candidate for the Senate in the Northern Territory. Mills, who has previously run as a Senate candidate for the NT Greens, will be joined on
BY SARAH STEPHEN Boats carrying "illegal immigrants" to Australia could be "a pipeline for terrorists", defence minister Peter Reith told radio 3AW on September 13, in an opportunist attempt to make domestic political mileage out of the September
BY GRAHAM WILLIAMS GEELONG — "For too long now ordinary workers have had to suffer while governments, both Liberal and Labor, have implemented their big business policies. It's time that workers had an opportunity to stand up", says Tim Gooden,
BY GRAHAM MATTHEWS MELBOURNE — The Socialist Alliance campaign for the federal seat of Batman kicked off on September 8 with a demonstration demanding that the federal government accept the Tampa refugees. The demonstration, held at the Preston
BY MATT RICH MELBOURNE — Many students are expected to attend protests outside the October 3-5 Commonwealth Business Forum, as activists have been fiercely publicising the events. At Melbourne University, support for the blockade is growing
BY SARAH PEART MELBOURNE — On the first anniversary of the September 11-13 protest against the World Economic Forum, anti-corporate activists organised an all-day protest outside the city's main Nike store. It was the 26th successive week of
BY NIKKI ULASOWSKI For several months, activists in Brisbane have been busy organising for the protests at the October 6 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. "We have been campaigning on campuses and on the streets and have found significant
BY TIM STEWART BRISBANE — Despite the Queensland premier's challenge to publicly debate anti-CHOGM protesters on the issue of globalisation, Peter Beattie failed to show at the launch of the CHOGM Action Network on September 5. Under the theme
Socialist Alliance briefs Speakout supports refugee rights BRISBANE - A speakout on the steps of King George Square on September 14 condemned the federal government's scapegoating of refugees and called for public support for refugees in
BY ALISON DELLIT In the wake of the September 11 mass murder in the United States, Australians from Middle Eastern backgrounds and Muslims are suffering escalating verbal and physical abuse. The most serious incident has been the petrol bombing of
BY PAUL BENEDEK SYDNEY — Students and staff from the Bankstown, Campbelltown and Penrith campuses of the University of Western Sydney rallied outside the vice-chancellor's offices at UWS Penrith on September 11. The action was dubbed UWS11. The
BY LISA MACDONALD SYDNEY — The NSW Labor government was punished by voters in the September 8 by-election for the western Sydney seat of Auburn. Labor retained the seat, which it had held with a 17% majority, but suffered an 11% swing against
BY ALANA KERR SYDNEY — In the last two weeks, four branches of the Socialist Alliance in metropolitan Sydney have pre-selected their lower house candidates for the upcoming federal election. These candidates, in the seats of Kingsford Smith,
BY ALEX BAINBRIDGE HOBART — ALP member Ted Alexander won the 2001 Tasmania University Union presidential election by a landslide, capturing 59% of the vote. Promising to provide more free beer and improved services Alexander defeated Greens


BY SEAN HEALY If you've seen the movie, you'll know that, once it had hit the iceberg, the Titanic took a long time to sink. That might be just what we're seeing happen to the World Trade Organisation. Almost two full years after its plans to
BY JONATHAN GADIR Cracks are emerging in Israel's social consensus about conflict with the Palestinians, as 62 high school students publicly declared their intention to refuse military service. The declaration came in an open letter to Israel's
BY NORM DIXON The May 2000 armed coup that overthrew the democratically elected Fiji Labour Party government has been formalised and legitimised. With the swearing in of a coalition government dominated by the two key Melanesian-Fijian chauvinist
BY RAISA PAGES HAVANA — A new world, without hunger and with justice, is possible Cuban President Fidel Castro affirmed at the closing ceremony of the first World Forum on Food Sovereignty, held September 3-7 with the participation of 300
[The following statement is being circulated by the Council of Canadians public interest organisation. To sign on to the statement, visit the web site of the Council of Canadians, <>.] People's movements across the
BY SARAH SEXTON Amid the shouts of demonstrators, the protests of Southern delegations and the disagreements between the United States and European Union, the World Trade Organisation failed to launch a comprehensive revision of international trade


A Force More Powerful: A Century of Nonviolent ConflictBy Peter Ackerman and Jack DuVallPalgrave, 2000505 pages., $35.00 (pb) REVIEW BY JONATHAN STRAUSS A Force More Powerful tells a lot of history: general strikes, boycotts, demonstrations,
REVIEW BY MAX WATTS It is a simple, well-filmed story by Liz Thompson. During a war a man kills his near neighbour. After the war is over, the man is haunted by his deed. He feels deep regret and shame for what he has done. He seeks out the widow,
A Place to StandJimmy Santiago BacaGrove Press, 2001US$24.95 (available at <> REVIEW BY BILL NEVINS Jimmy Santiago Baca loves good food. He has eaten in the finest restaurants of Santa Fe, LA and Europe. He still
Alfred Russel Wallace: A LifeBy Peter RabyChatto & Windus, 2001340 pages, $75 (hb) REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON In an ironic illustration of the concept of "survival of the fittest", Charles Darwin's name has successfully survived as the originator of
Those who have followed the work of Green Left Weekly cartoonist Chris Kelly will have observed Prime Minister John Howard evolve from a small ugly man into a small ugly Satan (sorry Satan). Kelly has taken Howard's transition one stage further
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@box text intr = In the days following the September 11 attacks on New York's World Trade Center and the Pentagon, millions of Australians were glued to their television sets, fixated by horror and aching empathy for the victims. The disaster could