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BY NORM DIXON Activists around Australia are preparing for big anti-war protests to coincide with the visit to Australia by US President George Bush. Bush is expected to arrive any time after October 21. The biggest protest is likely to be in
BY FRED FUENTES PERTH — More than 40 people on September 19 attended a Subiaco screening of Michael Moore's Roger and Me. The event was organised by the Socialist Alliance. Alliance members hope to form an alliance branch in the area in the
BY PAT WILLIAMS MELBOURNE — On September 23, the office of federal Labor MP for Melbourne Lindsay Tanner called a demonstration outside the Centrelink office in Johnston Street, Fitzroy, in response to the announcement by the federal government
Further Medicare rally planned MELBOURNE — At its September 25 meeting, the Defend and Extend Medicare (DEM) group voted to follow its planned October 3 rally with another on November 7. DEM joint coordinator Joe Toscano, arguing for the
BY CHRIS LATHAM PERTH — On September 24, 500 angry public school teachers rallied outside the Western Australian parliament to demand that Premier Geoff Gallop's Labor government agree to the log of claims their union has put to the government.
BY PAUL BENEDEK SYDNEY — A militant ticket — the Rank and File Group — will stand candidates in the NSW Australian Manufacturing Workers Union election. Dave Fox and Adam Leeman hope to win positions as national conference delegates on a
BY RAUL BASSI On September 23, a meeting organised by the Canterbury-Bankstown Peace Group under the theme "Iraq and Palestine under occupation", launched a "Stop Bush!" campaign in the area. About 40 people came to hear the speakers from a range
BY KATHLEEN SCOTT SYDNEY — Sydney University staff have overwhelmingly rejected the federal government's interference in university enterprise bargaining negotiations. A federal government announcement on September 22 led to an 11th-hour decision
BY PAUL OBOOHOV CANBERRA — Members First, the rank-and-file network in the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU), has nominated Andrew Hall as a candidate to be the union's national president. An election for the position will be held in
BY KATRINA HECKENDORF SYDNEY — On September 22, the "Friends of Philip Ruddock" celebrated his 30th year in parliament. Partygoers paid more than $100 each to join the immigration minister, Prime Minister John Howard and a long list of other
BY DALE MILLS A law presently before federal parliament, if passed by the Senate, would allow immigration officials to collect "biometric data" on all non-citizens entering Australia. Biometric data includes records of a person's face, iris,
BY LUKE FOMIATTI SYDNEY — In the biggest ever protest on the campus, more than 100 students and staff from University of Western Sydney, Parramatta campus marched on the senate inquiry into higher education, which was holding one of its two NSW


BY DOUG LORIMER While French President Jacques Chirac used the opportunity of his speech to the UN General Assembly on September 23 to criticise Washington's decision to invade Iraq without UN Security Council authorisation, he also indicated that
BY NORM DIXON Around 100,000 protesters filled the streets of London on September 27 to oppose the US-led occupation of Iraq and to demand that British Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labour government pull British troops out of Iraq. There was a sea
BY ROHAN PEARCE The inquiry into the apparent suicide of David Kelly, an advisor to the British defence ministry who was involved in compiling British Prime Minister Tony Blair's September 2002 dossier on Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction,
BY PAUL D'AMATO CHICAGO — Ted Glick, a leading antiwar activist, recently wrote an article titled "The United Nations and Iraq", which makes the most coherent case for a phased withdrawal of US troops and its replacement by a UN-led occupation.
BY MIKE DAVIS LOS ANGELES — Voters in California are set to go to the polls on October 7. The two-part ballot will ask whether state governor Gray Davis should be removed. It will then ask voters to choose from among 135 candidates, including
SAN FRANCISCO, September 20 — Dolores Huerta, a co-founder of the United Farm Workers, walks at the head of the march which began the "Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride". Marchers are leaving from cities across the west coast of the US and
BY ALISON THORNE Supporters of Freedom Socialist Party candidate for Position 5 in the Seattle City Council election, held on September 16, were jubilant when the result was announced. Candidate Linda Averill, a city bus driver and journalist with
On September 25, Professor EDWARD SAID died. The Electronic Intifada's ALI ABUNIMAH, ARJAN EL FASSED, LAURIE KING-IRANI and NIGEL PARRY pay tribute. Professor Said maintained his relentless engagement with people, culture, and politics all over the
Hundreds of poor farmers from West Java belonging to the Party of United People's Opposition (Popor) demonstrated outside the electoral commission on September 25. The farmers were protesting the commission's decision to give in to pressure from
BY ROHAN PEARCE In his September 23 address to the UN General Assembly, US President George Bush said that the "regime of Saddam Hussein cultivated ties to terror while it built weapons of mass destruction. It used those weapons in acts of mass
BY CHRISTIANO KERRILA When Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez was elected in 1998, the country's capitalist class viewed him as an irritating populist. After his government introduced a democratic constitution and a set of progressive laws, which
BY LEE YU KYUNG On September 16, representatives of more than 360 South Korean organisations, including trade unions, student unions and progressive parties, announced their opposition to any decision by the Seoul government to send combat soldiers
BY BENJAMIN DANGL COCHABAMBA — A new cycle of conflict has developed in Bolivia as trade unionists, coca farmers and ordinary citizens unite to prevent the sale of the country's gas reserves to the United States. In Bolivia, a country whose


ME NAM ::: Rivers is an exciting photography exhibition that celebrates waterways and community activism to protect them, in Australia and in the Asia-Pacific region. It is sponsored by AID/Watch. Through the use of images of water, its
Songs of ProtestVariousBlatant Propaganda ProductsSend $10 to PO Box 1327 Woden, ACT 2606 or visit <> REVIEW BY ANDREW HALL The Songs of Protest CD is a great collection of Australian music artists with a
Actively Radical TV — Sydney community television's progressive current affairs producers tackle the hard issues from the activist's point of view. Includes the Green Left news. CTS Sydney (UHF 31), every Sunday, 9pm. Phone (02) 9564 1277. Visit
BY BUSTER SOUTHERLEY ALBUQUERQUE — More than 400 supporters of New Mexico teacher and Green Left Weekly writer Bill Nevins packed the prestigious KiMo Theater here on September 14 for a program of poetry and song titled, "Poetic Justice:
SHORT STORY BY MARY O'HARA Up until last Sat'dy arvo, I'd never thought of myself as a terrorist. I knew that terrorists were our greatest enemies. World leaders have left me in no doubt as to the seriousness of the threat posed by these vicious,


On February 4, Prime Minister John Howard made a statement to federal parliament, in which he set out his government's reasons for supporting a US-led war on Iraq. The principal reason, Howard said, was that "the Australian government knows that Iraq


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