Issue 516


BY ALEX BAINBRIDGE HOBART — Environmentalists paid $20,000 for an airport advertising campaign that was terminated in less than 24 hours amid allegations of political censorship. On November 1, the Wilderness Society, supported by
BY GRAHAM MATTHEWS MELBOURNE — On November 4, Victorian Premier Steve Bracks called an early state election for November 30, the earliest date that an election could constitutionally be called. Bracks, whose government rules with the
Activists met at the Lismore Workers Club on October 31 to organise opposition to war on Iraq. Called No War on Iraq, the group is planning a march and rally at Lismore's Spinks Park at 10am on November 30. Pictured are the activists
BY JAMES CAULFIELD CANBERRA — The growth of anti-war sentiment in the Australian Capital Territory was clear at the November 3 rally in Garema Place to oppose a US invasion of Iraq. Seven hundred people attended the protest rally, which was
BY IGGY KIM SYDNEY — Activists planning demonstrations during the World Trade Organisation (WTO) mini-ministerial meeting in Sydney, November 14-15, have condemned the NSW Labor government's plans to prohibit street marches during the
Seventy protesters marched down the streets of Leichhardt in opposition to war and racism on November 8. The protest was organised by the Port Jackson branch of the Socialist Alliance. Photo by Liam Mitchell. From Green Left Weekly,
BY JIM MCILROY BRISBANE — Two-thousand people gathered in the Roma Street Forum on November 3 for a lively rally opposing any war on Iraq. Demonstrators came from far and wide, from Ipswich to the Gold and Sunshine coasts. The protest
BY SAM KING& ROBYN MARSHALL BRISBANE — Three hundred trade unionists and students attended a loud and determined protest march for union rights and intellectual freedom on October 30 at the University of Queensland (UQ) campus at St Lucia.
BY JIM McILROY BRISBANE — A video and discussion night on the continuing US/UN war against Iraq was held in the Paddington Workers Club on November 7. It featured a talk by researcher Pauline Rigby on the horrific results of US/UN
BY DEBBIE BRENNAN Delia Maxwell, socialist feminist fighter and a member of Radical Women and the Socialist Alliance, lost her battle against cancer on November 2. Born in 1932, Delia's life spanned much of the turbulent 20th century.
Anti-war recruitment centre MELBOURNE — Twenty-six activists occupied an army recruitment centre on November 6 and transformed it into an anti-war recruitment centre. Posters were stuck on the windows, while activists campaigned outside.
Nobody's safe from ASIO "No country is absolutely safe for anybody but I just want to say to Australians of the Muslim faith, you are as protected and important part of our country as anyone else." — Prime Menzies John Howard, November 7. Only
BY EMMA CLANCY PERTH — Around 250 people attended a rally outside Perth's Parliament House on November 9 to protest against the Coalition government's recent attacks on Islamic Australians. Called by the Islamic Council of WA, the demonstration


BY EVA CHENG On November 4, Beijing removed a seven-year ban on foreigners' purchase of Chinese state enterprise shares listed on stock exchanges, opening the way for the privatisation of an estimated US$300 billion of state assets — and more
BY NORM DIXON Prior to Turkey's November 3 general election, polls indicated that the radical Democratic Peoples Party (DEHAP) looked set to cross the 10% threshold necessary for parliamentary representation. However, media censorship, state
BY CHRIS FLOYD MOSCOW — I stand foursquare with Donald Rumsfeld, US Secretary of Defense, when he warns that there will be more terrorist attacks against the American people and civilisation at large. We know, as does Rumsfeld, that this
BY AHMED NIMER RAMALLAH — The resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on November 5 means that elections will be held within 90 days, most likely next February. Sharon's resignation was forced by his inability to form a new
BY EVA CHENG A broad spectrum of anti-globalisation activist groups and non-government organisations meeting in Mexico City on November 15-16 decided to organise protests in opposition to the World Trade Organisation's next ministerial


Globalization and its Discontents By Joseph Stiglitz Penguin, $45 (hb) REVIEW BY LEE SUSTAR In the last decades of the USSR, Western officials denounced the Kremlin whenever Moscow purged or harassed dissidents who had the courage
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UN vote brings war closer The unanimous vote by the 15 members of the United Nations Security Council on November 8 to impose “tough” new weapons inspection rules and deadlines for compliance on Iraq, with the threat of “serious