Issue 498


Nurses reject pay offer BY MARIA VOUKELATOS BRISBANE — The Queensland Nurses Union (QNU) has been in a month-long battle over wages and conditions in the Queensland Health Service. Nurses are demanding a 12% pay rise over the next two
BY NICK EVERETT & SAM WAINWRIGHT SYDNEY — Since the Royal Commission into the Building and Construction Industry began sitting in Sydney in early June, lurid employer claims of Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU)
CMG workers return to work BY TERRICA STRUDWICK ROCKHAMPTON — Meatworkers at the Packer-family-owned Consolidated Meat Group's Lakes Creek abbatoir returned to work on June 20 after spending two weeks on strike and another week locked
BY LISA MACDONALD  More than 13,000 people joined refugees' rights protests around Australia on the June 22-23 weekend. In many cities, these were the largest protests for refugees yet. According to refugees' rights supporters, this is
Earthquake risk at Lucas Heights BY ALEX MILNE Work is continuing at the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor, despite calls for the government to reconsider the project after an earthquake fault line was discovered there. The fault was
Socialist Alliance makes refugees an issue in Tassie poll BY DARREN JIGGINS HOBART — The day after Premier Jim Bacon's June 21 calling of the Tasmanian election, there was a 500-strong refugees' rights rally in Hobart — the largest
Spanners in Beattie's dirty works BY ANDREW PHILLIPS BRISBANE — Workers at QBuild, the state government agency responsible for building all Queensland government buildings, schools and offices, are fighting for justice after being
BY JESS MELVIN & BEN COURTICE  MELBOURNE — Culminating a week of pro-refugee protest action, 100 high school students gathered outside Flinders Street Station on June 28, despite bucketing rain. “People our age are the victims
Student conference to welcome refugees BY FEDERICO FUENTES PERTH — The collective organising the July 7-13 Students and Sustainability (S&S) conference, to be held at Murdoch University, has declared that it will give sanctuary to
BY SARAH STEPHEN The Howard government's Migration Legislation Amendment (Procedural Fairness) Bill 2002 passed through the House of Representatives with the support of the Labor Party on June 26 with very little publicity. The new act
WA Socialist Alliance seeks registration BY JANE ARMANASCO PERTH — After successful state registration campaigns in NSW and Tasmania, the Western Australia Socialist Alliance has begun the task of acquiring state electoral
BY ALISON DELLIT  On June 27, the Senate passed five of the six “anti-terror” bills, in effect introducing a new “terrorism” offence into Australian law, broadening treason offences to include any support for any group engaged in armed
News Briefs 'Youth for Refugees' hunger strike CANBERRA — Pro-refugee high school and campus students and young workers took part in a 24-hour solidarity hunger strike on June 28. The hunger strike, organised by Resistance, was in


BY JO WILLIAMS HAVANA — Critics continue to say that Cuba is undemocratic, closed off, repressive, and that critical ideas in general are suppressed. An investigation of the education system and the young people in Cuban schools paints a very
BELGIUM: War criminal escapes prosecution BY ROHAN PEARCE The Brussels Court of Appeals ruled on June 26 that a case against Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for war crimes cannot be tried under Belgian law. The case was brought by
SCOTLAND Socialists ready to shock the establishment BY FRANCIS CURRAN  With less than one year until the Scottish Parliament elections, due in May 2003, the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) faces its biggest challenge yet.
SOUTH AFRICA: Sacrificing AIDS victims for corporate profits BY PATRICK BOND  JOHANNESBURG — During the last few days of June, at the same time as the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and Congress of South African Trade Unions
BY SARAH STEPHEN The European Union faces an ironic contradiction in coming decades. As birth rates continue to decline, many countries face negative population growth. The EU needs more immigration. Yet the European Council's June 21-22 meeting in
AFGHANISTAN Sham assembly installs warlord coalition BY NORM DIXON The much-hyped loya jirga — or grand assembly — was supposed to be post-Taliban Afghanistan's first step towards the creation of a representative democratic
PALESTINE: Operation 'Determined Path' to massacre BY ROHAN PEARCE The expression “peace process” has become increasingly meaningless. As Israel's murderous “Operation Determined Path” continues, and White House pronouncements lose any
Activists “welcomed” the G8 summit, held in Kananaskis, Canada, June 26-28, with a string of anti-corporate protests. On June 26, some 4000 people took part in a three-hour snake march through Calgary, the closest city to Kananaskis. The march
INDONESIA The IMF: A globalising debate BY MAX LANE JAKARTA — The debate between minister Kwik Kian Gie, who is in charge of the National Economic Planning Board, and the other ministers in President Megawati Sukarnoputri's cabinet
UNITED STATES Enron, WorldCom — there's worse to come BY PETER BOYLE The timing was spectacular. On June 24, US President George Bush delivered a lecture to the Palestinian people about the corrupt and autocratic nature of the elected


Definitely not bubblegum pop BY NICOLE HOYE  BRISBANE — With the empty lyrics of bubblegum pop music artists like Britney Spears and NSync hogging the mainstream music charts and airwaves, selling millions of albums worldwide,
Global Circus Roll up, roll up, to the head of the queue. Step up, step up, come take a pew. Gather round you clowns applaud the acrobats of global domination. Cheer on the jugglers Of world-wide manipulation. Come to the
REVIEW BY SARAH STEPHEN  Escape to Paradise Directed by Nino Jacusso With Duzgun Ayhan, Fidan Firat, Nurettin Yildiz and Walo Luond Distributed by First Hand Films Frontieres (Borders) Directed by Mostefa Djadjam With Lou
Won't Pay!, 25 Monologues for a Woman"> Fo, Rame and theatre of intervention Dario Fo and Franca Rame: Harlequins of the RevolutionBy Joseph FarrellMethuen, 2001308 pp, $49.95 (hb) REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON Dario Fo and Franca Rame hit certain


Unwarranted Praise Greens Senator Bob Brown, in a June 14 press release, congratulated federal Labor leader Simon Crean for having “taken a large step in moving Labor from the 'me-tooism' on asylum seekers it proffered during the [2001