Issue 283


NSW State Rail jobs to be cut By Chris Spindler SYDNEY — A review by State Rail management may result in 1750 jobs being lost in NSW. The job cuts are related to the state Labor government's refusal to continue $115 million of funding.
Work injuries increase By James Vassilopoulos Work injury rates are beginning to rise, according to a recently released publication by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission. The federal government last year cut the budget
Protect Kimberley, say Aborigines, conservationists By Susan Laszlo Aborigines are opposed to the WA state government's plans to dam the Fitzroy River, said Kimberley Land Council (KLC) director Peter Yu on July 18. Speaking after a forum
Call for left unity at UQ By Ruth Ratcliffe BRISBANE — Resistance activists are calling for a broad left activist ticket in University of Queensland student union elections. Activists in the education anti-racism, feminist and
CPSU rank and file meet By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Community and Public Sector Union members met in the City Hall on July 16 and voted against the national management committee's (NMC) move to dump the union's campaign for an Australian
Another fatal shooting by Victorian police By Sean Lennon MELBOURNE — Yet another person has been shot dead by Victorian police, after they were called to a domestic dispute on July 17 and the victim allegedly attacked police with a
'Don't privatise electricity' By Alex Bainbridge NEWCASTLE — One hundred people heard Victorian Trades Hall Council secretary Leigh Hubbard address an open meeting of the Newcastle Trades Hall on July 24. He argued that the privatisation
By Tony Iltis HOBART — The signing of the Tasmanian regional forest agreement (RFA) has been postponed for a second time. Originally scheduled for June 30, then postponed until July 18, it is now due to be signed in early to mid-August.
'Fairwear' campaign active in Adelaide By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — Shoppers in Adelaide's Rundle Mall on July 20 were exposed to the appalling working conditions of outworkers providing garments for the fashion industry as part of a
The Mortimer report @box text intro = "Spend $21 billion on new jobs, Howard told", was the way the July 24 Australian headlined the Mortimer report on industry assistance. This reflects the Murdoch philosophy of journalism: if you have to
By Helen Cunningham and Marina Cameron Immigration minister Philip Ruddock cancelled the visa of US Black Panther activist Lorenzo Kom'Boa Ervin on July 25. Ervin was arrested in Brisbane and held in solitary confinement earlier this month after
Push for Tasmanian Hydro sale By Tony Iltis HOBART — The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Trust Bank of Tasmania have released a report supporting plans by the state government to privatise all or part of the Hydro
Salsa for Cuba By Lynda Hansen BRISBANE — More than 120 supporters attended the Committee in Solidarity with Latin America and the Caribbean (CISLAC) annual fundraiser here on July 19, supported by the Australia Cuba Friendship Society
By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — Tram, train and bus workers employed by the Public Transport Corporation will hold a 24-hour strike from midnight on July 28. The action will protest against the state government's persistent refusal to grant a
By Tony Iltis HOBART — The state Liberal government is set to introduce legislation following the August budget to hold a referendum on changing Tasmania's parliamentary system. The government has cited the perception that Tasmania is
Tax management aims to cut conditions By Chris Slee Australian Taxation Office (ATO) management has begun an attack on both the working conditions of its employees and their right to union representation. Management's approach to a new
TAFE teachers launch reinstatement petition By Maurice Sibelle MELBOURNE — A petition to reinstate three teachers sacked from Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE was launched at the Australian Education Union (Victorian branch) annual
Students fight cuts to TAFE By Sam Wainwright BRISBANE — Queensland TAFE students and workers have won a small victory in their struggle to stop huge cuts to the system by the Borbidge government. In response to community outrage, the
Care provisions for HIV/AIDS patients unclear SYDNEY — NSW community services minister Ron Dyer came under fire from HIV/AIDS groups on July 23, which claim that he has failed to clarify whether people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH/A) are
National uranium action day By Peter Boyle SYDNEY — About 50 environmental activists picketed the head office of uranium mining company Energy Resources of Australia on July 25 as part of a national day of action in solidarity with the


By Barry Sheppard At midnight on July 19, four immigrants from Mexico went to the local police station in the Jackson Heights area of New York City with a three-page letter in Spanish. Nervous, they left without showing the letter to the police.
By Adam Hanieh The official ideology of Israel, Zionism, has always portrayed itself as a liberation movement for all Jews. But although Zionism claims to offer a home for all Jews, that home has never been offered equally. The question of Arab
By Eva Cheng According to the western media, Hong Kong's Democratic Party and a few vocal elected legislators are the guardians of the struggle for democracy in Hong Kong. Such a view is simplistic and overlooks the broader social movements and
By Anthony Brown In October 1995, Brisbane indigenous health worker Noritta Morseu-Diop went to Tahiti, the chief island of French Polynesia, along with five other Aboriginal people. They went to protest at the resumption of French nuclear
Indonesian MP jailed By James Balowski Yet another opposition figure has been jailed for speaking out against the Suharto dictatorship. On July 21, Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) legislator Aberson Marle Sihaloho, who is a close aide to
Toxic PVC fire in Canada HAMILTON, ONTARIO — A Greenpeace team began sampling for dioxin around Hamilton and its vicinity on July 12 as firefighters assessed the clean-up required following a fire at a PVC plastic (vinyl) plant located in the
Brazilian Indians threaten energy towers By Barry Healy According to a statement from the Indianist Missionary Council, the Pankararu Indians in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco are ready to burn down power transmission towers if actions
The following is excerpted from a speech by Sinn Féin president GERRY ADAMS on the eve of the republican cease-fire announcement. The British government damaged itself badly in the eyes of many who expected better of it when the Orange march
intro = Ireland's first Socialist Party TD [MP], Joe Higgins, took his seat in the Dail [parliament] at the end of June. The following interview with Higgins is reprinted from the British Socialist. Question: What is your own political
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — "Greenpeace and our 'greens' have become toys in the hands of powerful forces blocking the implementation of economic reforms ..." That was how Karelia, the government newspaper of the Karelian Republic in north-west
By Norm Dixon There is widespread disbelief and concern in Papua New Guinea over the return to government of the parties responsible for hiring apartheid-linked mercenaries. Surprisingly, the People's Progress Party of defeated prime minister
By Max Lane OPORTO — More than 200 people attended a conference here between July 17 and 20 to discuss "Self-determination in East Timor — Democratisation in Indonesia: An international responsibility". The conference was organised by the
By Oupa Lehulere JOHANNESBURG — At the end of its executive committee meeting in June, the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) announced a series of regional and national strikes as part of its campaign to have its demands around


The John Wayne PrincipleWritten by Tony McNamaraDirected by David BertholdSydney Theatre Company, Wharf 1, from July 23and Melbourne from September 8 Review by Mark Stoyich There are currently two portrayals of fucked-up masculinity showing in
Reggae WrapVarious artistsIrie NegrilHurricane ReliefVarious artistsVermont Reggae FestivalLead With the Bass II and All the World in an EggVarious artistsUniversal Egg Records Reviews by Norm Dixon Any fan of political reggae will tell you that
Secret Power: New Zealand's Role in the International Spy NetworkBy Nicky HagerNelson, New Zealand: Craig Potton, 1996. 299 pp., NZ$34.95 Review by Brian Martin Spying thrives on secrecy; this is nowhere more true than in the world of signals
Building the Revolutionary Party: An introduction to James P. CannonNew Course Publications, 1997100pp., $7.95 Review by Pip Hinman Full-time revolutionaries are mostly stereotyped as being narrow and dogmatic. But to read anything of James P.
Review by Lynda Hansen BRISBANE — Women in Voice was instigated in 1993 by Annie Deller-Peterson. This performance, Women in Voice 7, on July 20, featured Barb Fordham, Jeannie Lewis, Leah Cotterell, Bronwyn Calcutt, Katrina Alberts and Alison
By Sujatha Fernandes The 1995 Million Man March, initiated by black nationalist leader Louis Farrakhan, which promoted the need for black men to take responsibility for their lives and families, left many, including black leader Angela Davis,
LINKS: International journal of socialist renewalNo 8, July-October, 1997Published by New Course Publications144 pp., $6.50 Review by Adam Maclean Now in its eighth issue, the Marxist journal Links has emerged as a sounding board for a broad
By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — In a city where arts festivals seem to run continuously, a bit of controversy helps to ensure that yours won't go unnoticed. The 5th Melbourne Uni Arts Festival, MUDfest (July 30-August 17), is in this enviable
Vita and VirginiaWritten by Eileen Atkins, directed by Richard CottrellWith Ruth Cracknell and Jennifer HaganSydney Theatre CompanyThe Playhouse, Sydney Opera House from July 26 Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf, two of England's most intriguing
Spring Writing Festival SYDNEY — A diversity of Australian and overseas writers will attend the 5th Annual Spring Writing Festival on September 13-14 at the Rozelle Hospital heritage gardens. Presented by the NSW Writers Centre, the program