Imperialism & war

protesters with Kanak flags

Chloe DS, Jacob Andrewartha and Rob Zocchi from 3CR’s Green Left Radio show spoke with journalist Nic Maclellan on May 24 about the crisis in Kanaky, geopolitical factors in the Indo Pacific and the centrality of Kanak self-determination.

More than 200 people attended a Palestinian film, food and music night, organised by Mountains for Palestine and Community Care Kitchen. Jenna Condie and Aaisha Slee report.

1500 UQ students vote to divest from apartheid Israel

Students voted overwhelmingly for the University of Queensland to cut ties with weapons manufacturers and divest from Israel at a 1500 strong meeting. Sam Morris reports.

Protesting at the Gold Coast Council

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has rejected local residents’ call for the city to end ties with the Israeli coastal resort city of Netanya, reports Susan Price.

protest and co-chairs of the DEM party in Turkey

Leaders of Turkey’s pro-Kurdish opposition condemned the recent Israeli airstrike on a refugee camp in Rafah, Gaza, and called for Turkey to sever military and commercial relations with Israel, reports Medya News.

protesters outside an arms fair

Police repression against student Palestine solidarity encampments in Canada has urged unionists to come forward in defence of students, campus workers and Palestine solidarity activists, reports Jeff Shantz.

The Jewish Council of Australia has renewed its call on federal Labor to pressure Israel to stop committing genocide, following Israel’s May 27 airstrike on Palestinians reduced to living in tents. Pip Hinman reports.

children playing on a van in a desert refugee camp

Marc B Sanganee visited a refugee camp in Western Sahara — home to the Sahrawi people and administered by the Polisario, which is fighting to liberate their homeland from Morocco.

The month-long Australian National University Gaza Solidarity Encampment decided to relocate to another part of the campus after management sent in security guards and threatened students with arrest. Kerry Smith reports.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton believes Israel’s leaders have been hard done by the International Criminal Court and suggests Australia cut ties to show its solidarity. Binoy Kampmark reports.

Assala Sayara speaking on May 19

Gather for Gaza rallied for a ceasefire and an end to Israel's occupation of Palestine. Kerry Smith reports.

Students at Curtin University who set up a Palestine solidarity encampment outside Vice Chancellor Harlene Haynes’ office say the Guild’s memorandum of understanding with management is inadequate. Alex Salmon reports.