Issue 438


BY LUKE FOMIATTI SYDNEY — Early on the morning of February 19, 100 students and unionists joined together for a symbolic blockade of the "Designing, launching and managing a corporate university" conference at a luxury hotel in the exclusive
BY JIM McILROY BRISBANE — Panic is sweeping the Liberal-National Coalition around the country after the crushing ALP victory in the February 17 Queensland state elections. As Green Left Weekly goes to print, the Labor Party has won 66 out of a
BY SEAN HEALY Australia's aid contribution to poor countries is among the most miserly of any industrialised nation, according to a new report from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. The OECD report, released on February
BY GAIL LORD PARRAMATTA — After staging the first International Women's Day march and rally in Parramatta for 30 years in 2000, feminists in Sydney's western suburbs are organising an even bigger IWD action on March 8 with the theme, "Women
BY ZANNY BEGG & VIV MILEY SYDNEY — When the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade winds its way up Oxford Street on March 3, there will be more than one meaning to the word "glam". The newly-formed Gays and Lesbians Against Multinationals will also
BY BRONWYN POWELL WOLLONGONG — Three hundred people sat in on Wollongong City Council's February 19 meeting and watched in anger as council approved the first stage of a 428-lot residential development at Sandon Point in Thirroul. The council
Beverley uranium mine opened BY JIM GREEN The uranium mine at Beverley in northern South Australia was formally opened on February 21. It is Australia's first new uranium mine since Western Mining Corporation's Olympic Dam opened 12
BY PIP HINMAN& SIBYLLE KACZOREK SYDNEY — An effigy of Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer, complete with "letters" from oil companies Petroz and Santos protruding from its suit pockets, drew curious students to an action on Sydney
BY BRONWEN BEECHEY ADELAIDE — Nurses employed in the state's public hospitals imposed work bans from February 22 in support of claims for a 15% pay rise over three years, after rejecting state government offers of increases which the union
BY SEAN HEALY Support for the May 1 blockades of stock exchanges and financial districts continues to grow, including amongst trade unions. Progress is most advanced in Victoria where a number of militant unions are growing increasingly keen on
BY MARCUS PABIAN& TONY ILTIS MELBOURNE — About 300 people packed the Trades Hall auditorium on February 20 to oppose the federal government's policy of imprisoning refugees. The meeting, organised by the Refugee Action Collective, demanded that
Colombia film launched SYDNEY — Around 70 people packed the Chippendale Resistance Centre for the premiere of the documentary Colombia — Peace at What Price? here on February 22. The film was presented by the Committee in Solidarity with
Adelaide: M1 action. Notice to be served on all businesses in Adelaide Stock Exchange. Thurs March 1, noon. Meet at trading board, Santos bldg, Currie St. Ph 8231 6982. M1 Adelaide meeting. Every Thurs, 6.30pm. Canon Poole Rm, 5th flr, Adelaide


BY DICK NICHOLS MEXICO CITY — The leaders of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN), headed by Subcomandante Marcos, are to emerge from Chiapas, the southernmost Mexican state where they led their famous 1994 uprising of the region's
BY MARGARET ALLUM Human rights advocates are outraged by new legislation redefining the concept "terrorism", allowing for the banning of organisations considered terrorist and reversing the burden of proof, which was passed by the British
BY PATRICK BOND  JOHANNESBURG — If you had a choice, which city would you choose to host the 2002 “World Summit on Sustainable Development” — also known as Rio+10 — in which 60,000 delegates will jaw-jaw about the world's social and
BY IGGY KIM SEOUL — A detachment of 4200 riot cops stormed Daewoo Motors' Bu-pyung plant on February 20, ending an occupation by about 500 striking workers and their families. The Bu-pyong workers began their strike on February 16, in
BY EVA CHENG There has been such a big wave of domestic and cross-border corporate mergers and takeovers in the last few years that some commentators have started comparing their importance with the merger wave that took place in the US around the
BY RAMI HADAD Contrary to the impression created by the international news media, Ariel Sharon did not win the February 6 Israeli prime ministerial election by a landslide. In fact, he won just 37% of the eligible vote — the lowest of any of his
The bombardment of Baghdad by US and British warplanes on February 16 proves that "George W. Bush's administration is maintaining the US government's bloody policy against the Iraqi masses", a statement issued by the politburo of the Worker Communist
BY DANNY FAIRFAX Che Guevara? He's that pop star, isn't he? All right, so not many people would really confuse Ernesto "Che" Guevara for a pop star, but there are lots of people who don't know more about him than his iconic image, which nowadays
BY NORM DIXON The February 16 bombing of Baghdad by US and British warplanes was a calculated signal by US President George W. Bush's regime that it will continue - and escalate - the genocidal war against the Iraqi people begun by the US
BY SEAN HEALY International money traders have subjected the Turkish lira to sustained attack, forcing it to plunge 28% against the US dollar on February 22, sparking fears of a deep economic crisis in the country. The lira's collapse was the


ChocolatWith Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench, Alfred Molina, Johnny Depp and Lena OlinDirected by Lasse HolstromPalace Cinemas, Sydney, other states to follow REVIEW BY MARGARET ALLUM I saw Chocolat on Valentine's Day. So too, it seemed, did a good
REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON The Hidden WordsworthBy Kenneth R. Johnston Pimlico, 2000690 pp, $35.15 (pb) "I am of that odious class of men called democrats". Could the person who uttered this statement and who supported the Great French Revolution
Imagine: a Socialist Vision for the 21st Century By Tommy Sheridan and Allan McCombes Canongate Books, Edinburgh, 2001 $21 Available in March from Resistance bookshops (see page 2) Visit <>. 


It was entirely predictable that Pauline Hanson's One Nation would try to jump on the "anti-globalisation" bandwagon. After all, that's what right-wing populists do — jump on bandwagons — and there's no issue more popular at present than hatred