Issue 422


BY BRONWEN BEECHEY ADELAIDE — Unions covering workers at Perry Engineering are not confident that the new owners will re-employ staff who lost their jobs when the company closed. The firm went into receivership earlier this year, and workers are
COMMENT BY KIM BULLIMORE SYDNEY — The day after the Olympic opening ceremony, the Australian establishment media outdid themselves with superlatives, hyperbole and pure dross. Australians both black and white can now stand proud, they said, hand
BY ALEX BAINBRIDGE HOBART — The state Labor government has a plan to close schools in Tasmania, disguised by the promise that "no school will be forced to close". The value of this promise is revealed by the dispute that has erupted over the plan
BY ZANNY BEGG SYDNEY — Fifty people gathered at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre on September 20 to assess the movement for indigenous rights in the wake of the small and divided protests coinciding with the opening of the Olympics on September
BY BRONWEN BEECHEY ADELAIDE — Refugees on trial for their involvement in August protests at the Woomera Immigration Detention Centre have been remanded in custody for a further month, following a court hearing here on September 22. After being
BY STEPHEN O'BRIEN NEWCASTLE — The Che Guevara sign, which hangs at the front of Newcastle's new Resistance Centre, was formally switched on on September 22. Abelardo Cueto Sosa, a member of the International Relations Department of the Central
BY SARAH THIRDEETUTH DARWIN — The NT News reported on September 7 that Oenpelli, an Aboriginal community of 1200 people in western Arnhem Land, had been without water for three days. It is the end of the dry season, with no rain in sight, and the
BY GRAHAM WILLIAMS GEELONG — Production workers at the Godfrey Hirst carpet factory here have voted to accept a company offer of a 5% pay rise over 11 months, after a successful industrial campaign involving work bans, 24- and 48-hour strikes and
MELBOURNE — On September 13, a peaceful demonstration by people with disabilities stopped the city's trams for two hours. Eighty people who use wheelchairs and their allies, supporters and advocates were there. The blockade was organised by the
BY KATHY NEWNAM ADELAIDE — An angry protest against moves by City Council to make the city and North Adelaide a "dry" zone was held at the council meeting on September 18. Chairperson of the Whitmore Square Residents Association, Joyce
BY JOHN NEBAUER ADELAIDE — Workers at Balfours Bakery have rejected an invitation to have their wages cut by management, in a vote on September 19. Management had asked staff to accept a pay cut of 76 cents an hour and other measures, including


DILI — The newest addition to East Timor's political landscape was declared formally at the National Council of Timorese Resistance headquarters on September 20: the Social Democratic Party (PSD). The founders and key leaders of the PSD are
BOSTON — Protesters who were in Philadelphia would later remember the four burly men — who went by the names Tim, Harry, George and Ryan — as kind of suspicious, not quite fitting the bill as political activists. Still, the men were hard

Immediately following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X was asked by the media for his response. Malcolm was not surprised by this tragic event, because white America had long fostered violence and racism throughout society.

Negotiations on the future of the Timor Gap Treaty between the Australian government, the United Nations Transitional Administration for East Timor (UNTAET) and East Timorese representatives are set to resume on October 9-11 in Dili. Both the federal
The Ministry of Information and security forces of the Iranian government have summoned the president of the Saqqez bakers' union, Mahmoud Salehi, back to prison. Last year, Salehi and four other members of the union were imprisoned for four months
On September 13, Dr Wen Ho Lee was freed from prison in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lee, a US citizen born in Taiwan, was convicted of a single felony for the mishandling of nuclear secrets. He had downloaded 10 tapes from the Los Alamos National
MANILA — In a full-scale military assault reminiscent of the worst days of martial law under former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, the Philippines government on September 16 launched an attack on the southern islands centred on Jolo, allegedly to crush
MANILA — More than 13,000 people attended two mass rallies here on September 21 to commemorate the declaration of martial law by former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos in 1972. The main demand was for an end to the government of President
HYDERABAD — A rally on September 17 demanded the reinstatement of sacked workers at different sugar mills in Sind. The rally, organised by Labour Party Pakistan, started from Beldia Chouk and ended at the Hyderabad Press club building. More than
MANILA — On September 18, the office of the Movement for National Democracy (KPD) was raided by the intelligence service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Twelve KPD leaders and staff were arrested. The raid was led by General Calim
The US-led forces deliberately destroyed Iraq's water supply system during the 1991 Gulf War — flagrantly breaking the Geneva Convention and causing thousands of civilian deaths — reported the Glasgow Sunday Herald on September 17. Since the war
A Cuban photographer whose picture of Che Guevara became the world's most famous revolutionary image won substantial damages on September 14, after the portrait was used in a British advertisement for vodka. Alberto Diaz Gutierrez, 72, went to the


GreenwichBy Howard FastHarcourt, New York, 2000290 pp., US$25 (hb) REVIEW BY MAX WATTS It was almost 60 years ago. FDR's United States was, with Stalin's Soviet Union, leading the battle against fascism. Churchill's England tagged along behind.
BY RICHARD PITHOUSE Tracks, Bruce Springsteen's most recent release, is a beautifully packaged four CD collection. Although 56 of the 66 songs have never before been released in any form, such was the faith of loyal Springsteen fans that on the day
BY BILL NEVINS TAOS, New Mexico — John Trudell, founder/leader of the American Indian Movement (AIM) in the 1970s, is now a movie star (Thunderheart and Smoke Signals), a recording artist (with albums Graffiti Man and his latest, Blue Indians),


The raids on two houses by the Australian Federal Police, searching for information on who leaked secret files on East Timor, have shown yet again the real basis of Australian foreign policy: lying to the Australian people and to the world. The


PRAGUE — More than 11,000 police, mostly in riot units, will be deployed on city streets during the IMF and World Bank meeting. They will be assisted in their tasks by more than 1600 troops. The Czech troops will deploy six armoured personnel
BY SEAN HEALY The S11 protests against the World Economic Forum summit in Melbourne may have claimed a quite unintended, but welcome, victim: a quick launch of a new round of World Trade Organisation talks. The Seattle ministerial meeting of the
BY NICOLA BULLARD The International Monetary Fund's new managing director's intention to "drive change from within the institution rather than have it imposed from outside" does not inspire confidence, given the fund's dismal record of reform so
BY JOHN TOMLINSON Scenes of Victorian Police in full riot gear clubbing S11 demonstrators sitting down on the roadway blend with sound bites of a leading e-technology spokesperson claiming that S11 protesters were the real enemies of the poor in
BY BEA BREAR HOBART — "What really happened at S11" was the theme of a September 19 Green Left Weekly public forum and multimedia extravaganza put together by Resistance and Democratic Socialist Party activists returned from the Melbourne
BY MELANIE SJOBERG The S11 mass protests in Melbourne against the World Economic Forum, September 11-13, united a diverse alliance in condemnation of the neo-liberal economic order. Some of the most significant participants in this alliance were
PRAGUE — Fresh from disrupting the World Economic Forum's summit in Melbourne, the next stop for the anti-capitalism express is Prague, in the Czech Republic, where on September 26 the two major enforcers of corporate globalisation, the
BY SEAN HEALY Victorian Premier Steve Bracks is under heavy fire over his enthusiastic support for the vicious assaults by the Victoria Police on S11 protesters. The uproar has caused him to cancel a planned barbecue to thank police for their
The following is the text of a model motion for trade unions and community groups to condemn police violence at S11. This (union/meeting/executive) condemns the September 11-13 assaults by the Victoria Police on non-violent blockaders at Crown
BY PETER BOYLE The September 18 issue of the Melbourne Age carried an article by former left activist John Passant, who warned: "Kim Beazley should be worried. The events in Melbourne last week represent a long-term political threat to the ALP ...