Issue 341


CFMEU organiser jailed PERTH — On November 4, Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union state assistant secretary Joe McDonald was arrested for trespass at Woodside Petroleum's project in North Fremantle. McDonald was refused entry to the
Centrelink workers prepare for industrial campaign By Nick Everett BRISBANE — Community and Public Sector Union members around the country will hold stop-work meetings on November 19 to discuss industrial and community action in response to
Queensland native title law passed By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The state Labor government's native title legislation was passed by the Queensland parliament on November 11, granting most of the mining and pastoral industries' demands. The law
By William Thomas HOBART — About 200 people attended a November 14 rally outside parliament to protest against the presence of the US nuclear aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, visiting Hobart on its way back from the Persian Gulf. The rally was
SA public sector pay dispute By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — Industrial action is to disrupt the state public sector over the next few weeks because of workers' dissatisfaction with the state government's enterprise bargaining pay offer. Clerical
Pub promotes racist, sexist performer By Zanny Begg BRISBANE — On November 6, the show at the Wickham Hotel, promoted as Brisbane's "premier gay dance venue", was disrupted by a protest against sexism and racism. Holding placards which read
Workers, activists endorse steelworker candidate By Stephen O'Brien and Alison Dellit NEWCASTLE — The Democratic Socialists have received support from a wide range of sources in the Newcastle by-election. Green Left asked some of those who
Dili massacre commemorated November 12 was the seventh anniversary of the massacre by Indonesian troops of 270 East Timorese at the Santa Cruz cemetery. The unarmed East Timorese were attending the funeral of a student who had died during an
New BHP steel agreement By Andrew Hall WOLLONGONG — A small proportion of the 5000 workers at BHP's Port Kembla steelworks met on November 6 and endorsed a new three-year steel agreement. The agreement "reflects a commitment by the company,
Hunger strikers protest war in Kurdistan By Kerryn Williamsand Arty Titiz MELBOURNE — On November 9, Kurdish women here began a hunger strike on the steps of Parliament House to protest against the war on the Kurdish people by the Turkish
MUA-Fluor Daniel deal criticised By Susan Priceand Ben Reid MELBOURNE — News of the agreement between the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and contractor Fluor Daniel has caused uproar among unionists. The agreement, which entails substantial
Campaign against arms fair By Emma Webb ADELAIDE — Resistance and the Anti-Adtech Alliance held a joint campaigning stall and information display in Rundle Mall on November 7. The stall was to build the rally against the Adtech Arms Fair, held
By Melanie Sjoberg I have a longstanding argument with one of my brothers about the incidence of workplace injury. He counters my emphasis on the outrageous statistics of workplace deaths with the notion that if it was really as bad as I claim,
Jabiluka campaign debates perspectives and plans national day of action By Pip Hinman Discussion around a controversial set of new perspectives proposed for the anti-Jabiluka mine campaign by the Gundjehmi Aboriginal Corporation (GAC) is
Protesters picket Liberal gala By Chris Richards SYDNEY — Approximately 40 protesters picketed a Liberal Party gala on November 14 to protest against the Liberals and the Jabiluka uranium mine. The gala, held at Fox Studio, was to celebrate the
By Susan Priceand Ben Reid MELBOURNE — The sincerity of the intentions of the state Liberal government's royal commission into the Longford gas disaster is being questioned. The fire at the Longford plant in September left much of Victoria
Activists discuss the future of unions By Ben Reid MELBOURNE — The re-election of the Howard government threatens to bring in a new period of extensive attacks on workers' rights and trade unions. Seventy people attended a seminar, organised by


Turkey invades Kurdistan again Turkey's latest invasion of Kurdish-populated northern Iraq has taken place, ignored by the world's press. About 25,000 Turkish troops, supported by planes and helicopters, crossed the border on November 6. Turkish
By Eva Cheng Despite Beijing's repressive rule, pockets of small protests persist across China. In recent years, the number of such protests have risen sharply in reaction to mass sackings, rampant corruption by Chinese Communist Party officials
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Russians, like other northern Europeans, tend to be tall if properly fed. "If" is of course the important word here: throughout most of Russia's history, the nutrition of the bulk of the population has been abominable.
Kurdistan Workers Party leader arrested Abdullah Ocalan, the general secretary of the left-wing pro-independence Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), was seized by Italian police as he left a plane at Rome airport on November 12. Ocalan had been forced
Korean workers march against bosses On November 8, about 20,000 South Korean workers marched around the Seoul headquarters of the Federation of Korean Industries to demand the jailing of the bosses of big businesses, whom they accuse of bringing
By Eva Cheng On November 9, activists who failed in their recent attempts to have the newly formed Chinese Democracy Party (CDP) registered, defied the authorities and launched CDP branches in Beijing and the nearby city of Tianjin. In response,
By Ahmad Qatamesh [Ahmad Qatamesh was the longest serving administrative detainee (imprisoned without charge or trial for five years) and was released by the Israeli government early this year. He is a leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation
Zimbabwe cops kill striker By Norm Dixon On November 11, Zimbabwe riot police fired tear gas canisters at 25,000 striking workers and unemployed youth in the small town of Mutare, about 270 kilometres east of the capital, Harare. At least one
Kanaky: independence postponed By Sam Wainwright On December 8, residents of the French Overseas Territory of New Caledonia voted 71.86% in favour of a referendum proposal to shift more decision-making powers from Paris to the territory. The
Canadian PM in hot water over APEC '97 By Dr James Winter As the APEC leaders prepare to meet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on November 15-18, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien is still battling calls for his resignation following the
By Jon Land East Timor remains tense following November 12, the seventh anniversary of the Dili massacre, in which more than 270 East Timorese were killed by Indonesian soldiers at Santa Cruz cemetery. The anniversary was marked by gatherings of


Review by Phil Shannon Rebecca West: A LifeBy Victoria GlendinningPhoenix, 1998288 pp., $19.95 (pb) Cicely Fairfield was not one to blindly accept the wisdom of her elders. Despite her father's view that the women campaigning for the vote in 1906
Sex, money and God — for breakfast Sex, money and God — for breakfast By Arun Pradhan MELBOURNE — How would you like sex, money and God first thing on Friday mornings? This is the question being posed by Radio Resistance, which is
East Timor: lest we forget Remembrance DayBy Graham PittsSidetrack Studio Theatre, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville, SydneyTuesday to Saturday, 8pmUntil November 28Tickets $12/$9 concessionPhone 9560 1255 for bookings By Tuntuni Bhattacharyya
Two Nations: The Causes and Effects of the Rise of the One Nation Party in AustraliaBookman, 1998. $14.95 Review by Suriyakumaran and Michael Cooke For most of the year we have been saturated with news of the rise and rise of One Nation. Our
Jam packed with funny poems 0 Funny Little PoemsBy Denis KevansLorikeet Publications, 199863 Valley Rd, Wentworth Falls 2782Phone (02) 4757 3119 Review by Alex Bainbridge This book is exactly what it claims to be — jam packed with funny little


Cancel the debts! In the aftermath of catastrophic destruction by hurricane Mitch, foreign governments have now pledged some US$200 million in assistance to Nicaragua and Honduras, the countries worst hit. This sum, while considerably more than the


Why I joined Resistance By Branny Schembri Unlike a lot of people who think they can't make a difference, I knew with a little effort I could. Before joining Resistance, I was incredibly lethargic and did nothing. I wouldn't even go to school. My
By Tristan Miller Over the past four weeks, we have been trying to establish a club at Brighton High in Adelaide. This has been more of a challenge than we had expected. Teachers and staff have been doing their absolute best to close down our
By Ryan Liddell On November 5, the NSW Board of Studies announced that a new course on the history of East Timor would be offered for future higher school certificate candidates, a recognition of the widespread public support for the Timorese. The
By Peter Robson BRISBANE — Resistance high school members initiated Resistance clubs on two schools, Brisbane State High and Coorparoo State High, on November 5. Called RAGE (Resistance AGitate Educate), the Resistance clubs are the result of
By Keara Courtney The $64 question for anyone who seriously wants to change society is: how? Is it possible to work within the present system, and out of it create something more just and democratic through peaceful, bit-by-bit reforms? Or is the
NATIONAL — Resistance branches across the country held launches of the new Resistance magazine on the weekend of November 14. Stay tuned for more news next week. SYDNEY — On November 6, the Sydney Resistance branch set an exciting path for
By Danny Fairfax There are gangs operating widely in western Sydney. They carry guns, drive expensive cars, communicate with each other by radio, are recognisable by their distinct clothing and make their presence fully felt on the streets. They
By Joanne Wilson Anyone who is on unemployment benefits at the moment, and particularly any young person, would know that just to stay on Newstart is fast becoming a full-time job. (Which is just as well, really, because there aren't any others out
By Justin Randell WOLLONGONG — Over the last month, Resistance has noticed an increase in the number of young people being asked to "move along" in the Crown Street Mall by uniformed and undercover police. Last week, the mall security guard was