Issue 327


Davids workers stop the trucks By James Vassilopoulos and Gail Lord SYDNEY — July 3 was a great day for the National Union of Workers members in a four-week long dispute with Davids. On that day, 800 picketers, other unionists and community
Bus drivers take action By Anthony Benbow ADELAIDE — "We have tried to do the right thing by the company but they have given us nothing", said one driver employed by private bus operator Serco, as he and many colleagues stopped work for 24
By Ben Reid MELBOURNE — The state by-election in Northcote on August 15 will be an important event in Victorian politics. On July 29, One Nation announced Nikolas Kavalenka as its candidate. Kavalenka says he supports Pauline Hanson's statements
By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — On July 30, Green Left Weekly distributors once again confronted censorship in the shape of Central Market security officers "just doing their job". Mid-afternoon, one GLW seller was told he was standing on the
TREENA LENTHELL was arrested on July 17 at the Jabiluka uranium mine under construction by Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) and charged with trespass and forcible entry with intent to breach the peace. After refusing both police bail and
Opposition to ADI development grows By Rupen Savoulian SYDNEY — A march and rally was held on July 26 against the proposed development of the former Australian Defence Industries (ADI) site in the western Sydney suburb of St Marys. The Lend
Adelaide students reject red-baiting By Arrow Tong ADELAIDE — Following the success of the high school students' anti-racism protest on July 24, Charlie McCormack, One Nation candidate for Kingston, announced on July 27 that One Nation will
VCA 'no fees' campaign escalates By Kylie Moon MELBOURNE — On July 30, the Victorian Council of Arts voted 14 to 10 for the principle of up-front fees at all VCA schools by the year 2000. The decision followed recommendations from the Review
By Aaron Benedek SYDNEY — Around 5000 people demonstrated against the racist policies of Pauline Hanson and John Howard on August 1. Commencing in Hyde Park, the march wound its way through the city to Howard's office, before finishing at First
Mirrar elder wins international prize By Rebecca Meckelburg Yvonne Margarula, Mirrar elder and traditional owner of the land the Jabiluka mine is being built on, has been awarded a $10,000 anti-nuclear prize. According to Jacqui Katona,
By Sarah Harris Parramatta — The NSW Greens launched five western Sydney candidates' federal election campaigns at a meeting of 30 people on July 23. Greens Senate candidates John Sutton and Kath Moore said the Greens were an alternative to One


Indonesian political prisoner speaks out JAKARTA — The following interview with a People's Democratic Party (PRD) leader, ANOM, was conducted by JANET PARKER on July 19. The questions and answers were smuggled in and out of Cipinang Prison. Anom
By Eva Cheng Hyundai Motors, South Korea's biggest car producer, failed to reopen its key plant in Ulsan on July 28, due to a protest walkout of 15,000 workers in a bid to save the jobs of 2678 co-workers who were scheduled to be fired on July 31.
Cambodia: losers reject election results By Helen Jarvis Anyone reading the establishment press over the past month, or watching TV, would have been primed to expect certain results of the July 26 elections in Cambodia: the people would
By Lisa Macdonald The 41-day strike by 6400 telephone workers to stop the privatisation of the Puerto Rico Telephone Company (PRTC) ended on July 29. The sale, to US-based General Telephone and Electronics, and Banco Popular, will go ahead for
For four days last September, labour and community supporters of the sacked Liverpool dockers in England picketed a scab ship, the Neptune Jade, in the port of Oakland in California. The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) on the west
Burmese students in Thailand The All Burma Students Democratic Organisation in Australia has issued a statement attacking "the brutal and inhumane treatment of Burmese students in Thailand" by Thai authorities. According to an SBS Burmese program
By Maung Maung Than August 8 is the 10th anniversary of the brutal massacre of thousands of peaceful demonstrators in Rangoon. Opponents of the military dictatorship will be protesting outside the Burmese embassy in Canberra on August 7 and 8.
By David Bacon SAN FRANCISCO — The most unusual factor of the month-long strike of two General Motors auto parts plants near Detroit is that the company has accomplished what generations of left-wing activists in the factories have not been able
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — In a grim reflection on the state of human rights in Russia, naval journalist and environmental campaigner Grigory Pasko remains in prison on charges of high treason brought against him by the country's security police.
By Charlie Cray Health authorities in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands have recommended a ban on soft PVC toys, such as teething rings and bath toys. The Spanish government requested action by the European Union in March 1998.


Past master for a new generation Past MastersBy Roy Bailey Review by John McGill British left-wing MP Tony Benn calls Roy Bailey "the greatest socialist folk singer of his generation". Reviewer Martin Pearson says, "Roy Bailey is not an act, he


GST Tax reform so they saywill increase our paybut we'll pay through the nose;so oppose — GST.It'll be easy comeand then easy goesas we pay through the nose;so oppose — GST. We don't wish to be rudebut it seems rather crude —this tax on our
Pauline Isn't There! Ms Hanson is a clever cove, more cunning than you thinkFor she's the master trickster who, quicker than a blink,can escape the reach of logic and defy cool reason's stare —When you think you've spied the racist — why,
Jabiluka: don't miss it @photo caption = Progressive film-maker David Bradbury's powerful film documenting the dispossession of Aboriginal people and the destruction of parts of Kakadu National Park by uranium mining is finally to be shown on
Public HousingProduced and directed by Frederick WisemanSydney International Film Festival Review by Becky Ellis Public Housing is a documentary about the life of residents of one of the poorest housing complexes in the United States: the Ida B.
Quito: the story of a refugee SYDNEY — As part of the Song Company and Sydney A cappella Association's "Modern Art Series", Quito will be performed at Newtown Theatre on August 6. Quito, by Martin and Perter Wesley-Smith, is a multimedia event
Growth industry “Uranium is a growth industry”, Says the Mining Maggot, always smilin' — You're sure to get a growth out of it, you idiot! Just look at the people from the Marshall Islands! Denis Kevans
SYDNEY — It seems to be a particularly busy time for theatre here at the moment, more than our volunteer reviewers can keep up with. As well, many of the plays about to open have short seasons, and may disappear almost before a review appears. At
Law and legends of "the Cobar Mob" By Denis Kevans KATOOMBA — Koori artist (and sometimes didgeridoo player in Katoomba) Graeme King's latest exhibition at the Parakeet Cafe told the stories, law and legends of his "Cobar mob". The centrepiece
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones toured Australia in July with their ska music combined with hard-core punk rock — "ska-core" — and a single reaching for the top of the mainstream charts. Green Left Weekly's LIAM MITCHELL spoke to the Bosstones'


Editorial: A GST is not 'reform' The federal government and big business argue that a goods and services tax is necessary because Australia is suffering a long-term decline in taxation revenue, which needs to be addressed if our health, education
Editorial: The costs of corporatisation On July 30, nine days after the parasites giardia and cryptosporidium were first detected in Sydney's water supply, all the city's residents were informed that their tap water was unsafe to drink. Despite a