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Qld election and movement building LANA HALPIN spoke to GRAHAM MATHEWS, the Democratic Socialist candidate for Brisbane Central in the May 13 Queensland election, about the Democratic Socialists' campaign. Question: Why are the Democratic
Hundreds march in support of Jabiluka blockade By Lachlan Malloch and Arun Pradhan In response to the arrest of nine activists blockading the proposed Jabiluka uranium mine site by police on May 26, Sydney's Jabiluka Action Group (JAG) called an
Nuclear tests condemned CANBERRA — Forty people attended pickets on May 24 and May 30 outside the Indian and Pakistan embassies respectively. The protests were called by the Australian Greens. Senator Bob Brown and the ACT Greens' Kerry Tucker
Privatisation blackmail By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — In the May 28 state budget, the Liberal government has tied funding for South Australia's ailing education and health systems to the privatisation of the electricity utility, ETSA. Treasurer
Teachers stop work in Victoria By Mary Merkenich MELBOURNE —Victorian Australian Education Union (AEU) members struck on May 27 as part of a campaign the AEU has been waging to win a certified agreement with the state government and to get the
Victory against Rio Tinto By Alison Dellit NEWCASTLE — Workers at Rio Tinto's Hunter Valley No. 1 coalmine have rejected management's Australian Workplace Agreement proposal in a secret ballot. The Construction, Mining, Forestry and Energy
Ramos Horta: support a referendum for East Timor By Tuntuni Battacharyya On May 25, 300 people gathered to hear Jose Ramos Horta speak at a meeting organised by the Amnesty club of the University of NSW. Horta described the invasion of East Timor
Court victory for East Timor protesters DARWIN — Two prominent members of Australians for a Free East Timor have had convictions for disorderly conduct overturned by the NT Supreme Court. Sally Anne Watson and Vaughan Williams were charged after
MUA victory in Newcastle By Alison Dellitand Jane Beckmann After 45 days locked out, maritime workers employed by Patrick Stevedores returned to work on May 23. The workers have been sub-contracted to Newcastle Stevedores. The return to work was
Pro-choice vigil a success By Jo Williams MELBOURNE — More than 100 people gathered on the steps of the State Library here on May 28, the International Day of Action for Reproductive Rights. The vigil was organised by the Pro-Choice Coalition.
International Students Solidarity Network launched By Arty Titiz MELBOURNE — The launch of the International Students Solidarity Network took place at Swanbourne University on May 20. Speakers included Vannessa Hearman from Action In Solidarity
SCU students' victory over up-front fee By Bernie Wunsch LISMORE — On May 9, Southern Cross University (SCU) Council gave in to student pressure and dropped the newly introduced $18 up-front fee. The Education Action Group (EAG) had organised a
SYDNEY — On May 26, the NSW police force's latest victim was killed outside his grandmother's house. The Coalition Opposing Police Shootings (COPS) has called on the NSW police commissioner to immediately adopt English-style, unarmed beat policing.
Rio Tinto under the microscope By Karen Burns NEWCASTLE — About 25 people attended a workshop on May 16 to discuss the activities of the mining company Rio Tinto. Speakers included Moses Havini from the Bougainville Interim Government;
Public works key to jobs, say socialists By Bill Mason BRISBANE — "A large-scale program of public works, including schools, child-care centres, public transport and leisure facilities, is the key to creating thousands of new jobs", the
By Yael GIPPSLAND — The Goolengook forest, situated in East Gippsland, north-east Victoria is threatened by unsustainable logging practices. The only government study of Goolengook forest, conducted in 1991, recommended that, to maintain
By Shane Bentley The Australian Industrial Relations Commission decided on May 26 that union-backed seniority provisions in coal industry awards were no longer allowable. The decision was made under the Workplace Relations Act's requirement that
Speaking tour: Eyewitness report on Indonesia Following a visit to Indonesia, where he held discussions with activists in the student, worker and democracy movements, Max Lane will be speaking at public meetings in Adelaide (June 11), Sydney (June
ANU staff/student strike By Will Williams CANBERRA — More than 200 Australian National University staff and students braved the frosty 7.30am start for a strike and rally here on May 29. The action, the latest in a campaign to
Stop MAI public meeting By Nick Chesterfield BRISBANE — Around 300 people attended a public meeting here on May 27 to hear Reverend Tim Costello speak against the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI). The Organisation for Economic


By Farooq Sulehria LAHORE, Pakistan — Local body elections took place in Punjab province on May 20. They were one of the bloodiest elections in the history of Pakistan, with 40 people killed and hundreds injured during riots around Punjab. The
By Jon Land Indonesian soldiers continue to carry out brutal acts of torture, murder and arbitrary detention throughout East Timor. Many of the worst incidents have occurred in the town of Baucau and surrounding districts. The East Timor Human
'We must not be deceived by Habibie's tricks' Following is a slightly abridged version of a statement issued by the banned PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC PARTY in Indonesia on developments in their country. It was translated for Green Left Weekly by
By Dave Riley On May 22, the Belfast agreement, which sets up a new power-sharing assembly in the Six Counties, won overwhelming endorsement from the people of Ireland. In the north, 71.1% backed the agreement, while in the south, constitutional
By Sue Boland Compulsory military service will be declared if an amnesty fails to bring back about 15,000 army deserters, Anuruddha Ratwatte, Sri Lanka's deputy defence minister, announced in early May. The government is threatening to impose
Military assault and riots in Solo By Terry A. Nelson In recent months, anyone travelling through Indonesia would unavoidably be drawn into the events that have come into the international spotlight news after a long struggle of the
FSLN sends greetings to PRD The following resolution was passed by the FSLN's highest decision-making body. The motion was moved by Dorotea Wilson, who recently toured Australia. "The Second Congress of the FSLN, held in Managua, Nicaragua, on the
Writing from the Greater Jakarta Police Station, ANDI ARIEF, a member of the People's Democratic Party (PRD) and chairperson of Indonesian Students Solidarity for Democracy (SMID), describes his abduction and interrogation by Indonesian security
By Eva Cheng Pro-democracy forces won an impressive victory in Hong Kong's May 24 legislative council election, its first since the former British colony reintegrated with China almost a year ago. Beijing restricted the number of popularly elected
On May 26, demonstrators marched to the Indonesian embassy in Port Moresby calling on the new Indonesian leader to grant the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya its independence. They presented a petition signed by pro-independence leaders Michael
With the removal of Suharto, the Indonesian democracy movement has achieved a huge victory, but it continues to struggle for real democracy. As part of promoting solidarity with the democracy movement, Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East
'Zimbabwe's Suharto must go' By Norm Dixon Inspired by the fall of Indonesian dictator Suharto, thousands of student demonstrators on May 28 marched through the streets of the capital, Harare, to demand the resignation of Zimbabwe president
By Barry Sheppard Last year, the board of regents of California's university system voted to end affirmative action to help minorities gain admission. It claimed that affirmative action discriminated against whites. The results have been
By Allan Nairn This [northern] spring, just before Jakarta erupted in riots, more than a dozen activists from Indonesia's pro-democracy movement suddenly "disappeared" from the capital and outlying towns. Amid a public outcry, the Indonesian Armed
UPNG students boycott classes By Norm Dixon Angry University of Papua New Guinea students on May 22 launched a class boycott and a blockade of the Port Moresby campus in response to a proposed restructure of the university. Students claim the
By Eva Cheng South Korean workers are planning to launch a second and bigger round of general strikes on June 10, despite the government's declaration that the May 27-28 strike by 120,000 workers was illegal and its threat on May 29 to charge 143
International news briefs Climate treaty under attack The Global Climate Coalition (GCC), a grouping of some of the biggest multinational corporations, is launching a new campaign to strip the Kyoto greenhouse gas accord of its scientific


Highlights of 45th Sydney Film Festival By Conrad Barrett The 45th Sydney Film Festival will begin on June 5 and continue until June 19. A highlight of this year's festival will be a feature selection of African cinema, including films made in
Maureen You ask me not to clench my fiststo hold my anger down.You ask me not to purse my lipsnor swear nor wear a frown.You tell me — let my anger gothat I should reconcile that it is me that I must knowto feel at one, and smile. It's not what
Frabjous DazeRelishIndependently releasedPhone Ant McKenna on 015 172 276 or e-mail <>. Review by Lynda Hansen A nine-track debut CD, Frabjous Daze is a collection of songs from Brisbane band Relish. Relish, formed in
Taking on the bovver boys Cleary, IndependentBy Phil ClearyHarperCollins, 1998. 298 pp, $19.95 (pb) Review by Phil Shannon Phil Cleary, a product of a Christian Brothers schooling, could have been expected to know all about human sin and divine
My Dog Tooth Tattoo (Dedicated to the UTS, Sydney, student bitten by an Alsatian dog during an early morning SWAT raid on a student occupation) I know that you love me,But it's not a nice thing to do,To leave on my armA dog tooth tattoo.I cowered
Left on-line Indonesia's struggle for democracy — Follow developments in Indonesia and find out what you can do in solidarity at these sites: Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET) has first-hand reports from the Indonesian
When the political becomes personal Diving for PearlsBy Katherine ThomsonDirected by Adam CookWith Deborah Kennedy, Danny Adcock, Steve Rodgers, Cornelia Frances and Sacha HorlerEnsemble Theatre, KirribilliUntil July 4. Review by Allen Myers
Capital Burning Indonesia burnswhile Suharto fiddles the books.East Timor burnswith greed for blood and oil.Forests burnand crony capital fans the flames.But the heathas gone undergroundand fuels the fireburning in the people.Now the peopleburn for
The good engineer After the BallBy David WilliamsonWith Judi Farr, Peter Carroll, Jacki Weaver and Garry McDonaldSydney Opera House Drama TheatreUntil June 6 By Mark Stoyich Australia's most successful man of the theatre has no sense of the
Pillaged Lives: Third World Debt and Global InstitutionsCD-RomSocial Justice Committee of MontrealSystem requirements: PC 486 or higher; Windows 3.1/95; 8mb RAM; VGA 256 coloursSend Can$25 to SJCM, 1857 de Maisonneuve O., Suite 320, Montreal, QC. H3H


Editorial: Free East Timor! Free East Timor! The ALP foreign affairs spokesperson, Laurie Brereton, on May 24 attacked foreign minister Alexander Downer for his "mealy mouthed failure" to call for the release of East Timorese resistance leader