Paul Benedek

Leading anti-war campaigner Pip Hinman, who is currently helping organise protests that will meet the visit of US President Barack Obama, has been preselected as Socialist Alliance’s candidate for the federal seat of Grayndler in Sydney’s inner west.
Five years ago, Mulrunji Doomadgee was arrested by senior sergeant Chris Hurley for “disorderly conduct” and taken to a police cell on Palm Island, near Townsville. Within an hour, the Aboriginal man was dead.
More than 200 activists, including a large proportion of youth and women, packed Kuala Lumpur’s Chinese Assembly Hall for the first day of Socialism 2009, an annual conference organised by the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM).
Many Queenslanders assume abortion is legal, since 14,000 terminations occur every year in the state.
Five hundred people gathered in West End's iconic Boundary Street on October 17 to protest against a Brisbane City Council development plan.
“When uncertainty in the law exists, it opens the way to police corruption”, Marg Kirkby from the NSW Women’s Abortion Action Campaign told a Pro-Choice Action Collective (PCAC) forum on October 12.
Emory Douglas, former “Minister for Culture” in the US Black Panther Party, spoke at Brisbane's Institute of Modern Art on October 1. Douglas is now a part of the Artist Rights Society, and remains a committed activist artist and campaigner for social justice and empowerment.
“This is one of the rare books which you can judge by its cover”, author Humphrey McQueen quipped to the 50 Builders Labourers Federation unionists attending the launch of Framework of Flesh on September 22.
Pro-choice activists are intensifying the campaign against Queensland’s anti-abortion laws and demanding charges laid against a young Cairns couple to be dropped.
Aboriginal rights supporters and environmental activists protested at the opening of the Brisbane Writers’ Festival on September 9, where the keynote speaker was conservative Aboriginal figure Noel Pearson.
Chanting “stop Bligh, stop thief — she'd even sell her grandma’s teeth!” and “community action is what we need, no sell-off to corporate greed”, 100 people marched to Queensland Premier Anna Bligh's West End office on August 15.
BRISBANE — Seven hundred teachers staged an after-school rally outside state parliament on August 5. The rally was organised after the Industrial Relations Commission ruled against a planned statewide strike.