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As the Israeli bombardment of Gaza has extended more than a month, Palestine solidarity movements in Canada have shifted in tone and focus, reports Jeff Shantz.

Bombing kids is not self defence

Almost 1000 Palestine solidarity activists converged on Parliament House, many travelling from interstate, reports Alex Bainbridge.

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets across the country for the fifth week in a row to demand a ceasefire in Gaza. Chloe DS and Peter Boyle report.

Vivienne Porzsolt writes that she is filled with pity for Jews who are driven by post-Holocaust trauma they lose connection with their humanity and reason in relation to Israel and to the Palestinians as human beings.

Merri-bek council condemned Israel’s genocide against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, called for a ceasefire, an end to the siege of Gaza, and for Labor to end political, military and diplomatic ties with Israel. Chloe DS reports.

Green Left News Podcast Ep 25, November 10

Green Left journalist’s Isaac Nellist and Aneesa Bhamjee go through the latest news from across the continent and around the world. 

I implore the Anthony Albanese government to publicly condemn the Israeli government, immediately end military ties with Israel and call for an immediate ceasefire on the global stage, writes Shamikh Badra.

One by one, Australian unions are joining the global call for a ceasefire, placing pressure on Labor to stand on the right side of history. Kerry Smith reports.

Australian Jews and Jewish organisations are calling on Labor to join the global calls for an immediate ceasefire, while some have taken their protest to the Israeli Embassy. Kerry Smith reports.

Activists are celebrating as RMIT has announced it has given up its partnership with Israel’s largest weapons manufacturer Elbit Systems. Kerry Smith reports.

Anti-war and Palestine solidarity activists marched on the 2023 Indo-Pacific Naval Expo to protest the military-industrial complex and Richard Marles' enthusiastic support for it. Peter Boyle reports.

Thousands of protestors called out Australia's complicity in Israel's genocide in Gaza, reports Peter Boyle.