Green Left TV

Green Left Report #5 has a focus on WikiLeaks, Ecuador and Julian Assange. It features interviews with Christine Assange, Latin American activist Federico Fuentes, plus features parts of the speeches from Julian Assange and Tariq Ali.

Over 150 activists protested at the Yongah Hill detention centre near Northam. This was the first protest for refugee rights at the recently opened refugee prison.

Feature interview with Chris Graham, managing editor of Tracker plus activist news on Aboriginal boxer Damien Hooper; refugee deportations; equal marriage rallies; Miranda Gibson's tree sit; the super trawler; Quebec's student uprising and from the Resistance conference. All rounded out with the return of Carlo Sands and his take on the ALP-Coalition refugee deal.

In a "stunning victory for civil liberties", the Barnett government has announced that they will introduce legislation to enable police officers to enter private houses without a search warrant and without the permission of the property owner.

"Why is it that an Australian, facing prosecution from a European country, decides to appeal for asylum to a South American republic?" Tariq Ali posed and eloquently answered this important question when he spoke outside the Embassy of Ecuador in London on August 19, 2012.

Protest against TAFE cuts by the Baillieu government. Combines video footage from the rally (including Kevin Hunt's TAFE 4 ALL) with information on the $300 of cuts by the Baillieu government.

Former diplomat Tony Kevin gives a very different view to the political and media commentary about 'evil people smugglers'. He says the main danger to the lives of refugees is not those who assist desperate people fleeing war and persecution, but government border protection policies that prioritise political spin over saving lives.

Carolus Wimmer is a widely respected Venezuelan political scientist, educator and writer, lecturer and columnist nationally and internationally. Elected to the Latin American Parliament in 2005 he served as Vice-President from 2008 to 2011.

On August 16, around 4000 people rallied in Melbourne to Save TAFE in Victoria. Staff, students and supporters mobilised from around Melbourne as well as from regional centres such as Ballarat and Geelong.

An emergency action against a new bi-partisan plan to return to 'offshore processing' of refugees to Australia in detention camps in Nauru and PNG was one of several held around Australia on very short notice on August 15.

Equal Love rally for Marriage Equality held in Melbourne on August 11, 2012 was attended by more than 3,000 people. Speakers included Federal MP Adam Bandt, Ryan Hsu from the NTEU, Doug Pollard from JOY FM. Michael Ross performed his song 'Equal Love'.

Protesters gathered in Perth on August 11 as part of a national day of protest that called on the Australian government to reject the FV Margiris, one of the world's biggest fishing trawlers, from fishing in Australian waters.