In the late 20th century, famine is not a consequence of "a shortage of food". On the contrary, famines are a result of a global oversupply of grain staples. Famine has become a world-wide phenomenon.

BHP's annual general meeting on September 26 was disrupted by protests against environmental destruction by the company's Ok Tedi mine in Papua New Guinea.

The federal government's capitulation to the timber industry on the pretext of "protecting jobs" has come under increasing criticism. One respected researcher, Dr Clive Hamilton, argues that protection of the 509 coupes would not

Friends of the Earth's Kim Stewart spoke to Nnimmo Bassey, a Nigerian activist campaigning against the destructive practices of oil companies.

By Ernest Mandel Since the mid-'70s there has been a worldwide offensive of capital against labour and the toiling masses of the third world. This offensive expresses the sharp deterioration of the relationship of forces at the expense of

Traditional energy generators have generally not assisted the necessary moves towards renewable technology. While hydro and biomass are long-established, if under-used, parts of the power hierarchy, wind, solar and wave power must still battle to

In July 1 the Keating government hopes to have in place a law to make superannuation obligatory for all workers. Employers will have to set aside for superannuation each year a minimum of 3-5% of wages or pay the equivalent as a levy to the

Mary Mellor — feminist, environmentalist and socialist — believes the left urgently needs a reinvigorated vision. Today, she says, the concept of socialism evokes either the collapsed command-and-administer regimes of Eastern

The state of Roe v. Wade The film Roe versus Wade, shown by Channel 7 on May 29 (with a group of anti-abortion activists protesting outside) brought to life the legal and personal dimensions of the famous 1973 US Supreme Court ruling.

This talk by Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network (AVSN) convenor Federico Fuentes was presented in Brisbane on July 2. The forum was organised by the Brisbane AVSN. This talk followed a presentation via videolink by Katrina Kozarek from Venezuela Analysis about the current situation on the ground in Venezuela.

Grassroots voices express support the the Abortion Rights rally on Thurs 16 February (5pm, Thurs 16 Feb, Speakers Corner - near Parliament House).


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