Issue 85


Determined campaign to defend Victorian schools By Kylie Budge MELBOURNE — Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett is continuing to implement his vision of education — against the wishes of teachers, students and parents. Education
By Emma McDonald SYDNEY — A Federal Airports Corporation discussion paper proposing to demolish the suburb of Sydenham because it will be severely affected by noise from the new Sydney airport third runway, "is just another case of jumping
Call for Hilton investigation "We believe it is necessary to launch a campaign on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Sydney Hilton bombing. On February 13, 1978, three innocent people were horribly murdered and others were mutilated
EYA launches high school tour By Elle Morrell Young environmentalists are gearing up to start the Environmental Youth Alliance's new high school tour for 1993. EYA aims to reach up to 200 high schools around the country, equipped with the
By Sean Malloy "There is a huge contradiction between the action being taken by the government and the contents of Wanted: Our Future. The Carmichael report, Keating's youth jobs schemes and the income levels set by the government fly in the
By Anne Pavy PERTH — It is not just a matter of getting people into parliament: "We need to change the way people think and view and operate within the world", Stewart Jackson, secretary of the WA Greens, told Green Left Weekly. The
Perth forum discusses left alternative By Stephen Robson PERTH — More than 100 people attended a special Politics in the Pub here on January 22 to discuss prospects for a left alternative. It was chaired by Ian Alexander, the retiring
Summer forest campaign By Natasha Simons HOBART — The slogan "Yes to EIS" (environmental impact statement) was chalked on every corner pavement in Hobart on January 18, as the Wilderness Society launched its "long hot summer" campaign
By Frank Noakes "A major new effort to develop jobs which protect the environment", was how the January 18 joint statement by the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the Australian Conservation Foundation described their joint Green Jobs
Leading us down the garden path By Darin Huddy ADELAIDE — South Australia's national parks and wildlife reserves are heading for a crisis, battling feral animals, weeds and a lack of funds from the Labor government. Although land


By Vannessa Hearman The human rights situation in Indonesia in 1992 did not improve, according to the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (LBH). The foundation, one of Indonesia's foremost non-governmental organisations, held a press conference
By Stephen Marks MANAGUA — The new situation in Nicaragua is producing alliances unimaginable a few years ago. As the government of Violeta Chamorro sides increasingly with the rich against the poor, former members of the Nicaraguan
By Norm Dixon Thousands of Angolans have been killed since National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) contras launched a military offensive following their decisive defeat by the ruling Popular Movement for the Liberation of
By Miriam Tramer The Palestinians stranded in southern Lebanon after illegal deportation by Israel are suffering from cold, and their health is deteriorating sharply. The Israeli government has yielded to international criticism only to the
By Max Lane Students from major campuses around Java and farmers from the Blangguan area of East Java were arrested on Saturday, January 23 during protest action against the local marine base. A marine battalion which wants the area is
By Norm Dixon Four giant US oil companies stand to make a killing in Somalia if US troops can pacify the strategic African nation, the Los Angeles Times has revealed. The report further undermines US claims that the invasion was a
By Norm Dixon A claim by Papua New Guinea's minister responsible for Bougainville, Michael Ogio, that the Bougainville Revolutionary Army has killed 17 civilians involved in restoring services to southern Bougainville is a "deliberate and
By Neville Spencer The defeat of the Sandinista government by the US-backed UNO coalition in the 1990 elections has left Nicaragua in a very unusual situation. The former government continues to play a large role in political life, and
By Peter Gellert HAVANA — Cuban women bear the lion's share of the burden of the island's economic crisis, because they are responsible for keeping the household going and making do amid widespread scarcities. "We are facing a triple
CYNOG DAFIS was elected to the British parliament in April 1992. A member of the radical nationalist Plaid Cymru (Party of Wales), the former school teacher ran in alliance with the Green Party. Dafis spoke recently with Green Left Weekly's FRANK
BASMA ABOU-SHARAR, a media worker for the Intifada Committee in Amman, Jordan, was in Australia late last year to bring information on events in the Israeli-occupied territories on the West Bank and in Gaza. MIRIAM TRAMER of Green Left Weekly met


By Anthony Anderson On November 20, Superman, the fictional character who represented "Truth, Justice and the American Way" for more than 50 years, suffered a violent death at the hands of a character known as Doomsday. If you bought an issue
The Stolen Children Directed by Gianni Amelio With Enrico Lo Verso, Valentina Scalici and Giuseppe Ieracitano Reviewed by Bronwen Beechey Vittorio de Sica's famous 1947 film The Bicycle Thieves told a story of the humiliation of a poor
Gas Food Lodging A film written and directed by Allison Anders Starring Brooke Adams, Ione Skye and Fairuza Balk Showing in Melbourne at the Kino Reviewed by Peter Boyle Allison Anders' debut film is something special. She demolishes
Body of Evidence Starring Madonna and Willem Dafoe Reviewed by Kath Tucker It has been billed as a "highly charged erotic thriller", a cross between Fatal Attraction and 9.5IJ243>155IJ0>/.5I>255I> Weeks. It's also very close to Basic
Pham Thanh's continuing war Connections: Thanh's War 8.30 p.m. Friday, February 5, SBS Television (8 p.m. Adelaide) Reviewed by Stephen Robson Pham Thanh was 12 years old in December 1968, when his family were killed as US soldiers
Light Sleeper A film by Paul Schrader Reviewed by Mario Giorgetti A student of French film-maker Robert Bresson's work, whose favourite subject was the lone outsider, US writer-director Paul Schrader develops and redefines in Light
Can Cuba Survive? By Beatriz Pages Ocean Press. 105pp. $14.95 Reviewed by Sean Malloy Can Cuba Survive is an inspiring and magnetic interview with Cuban President Fidel Castro by Beatriz Pages, editor of the Mexican weekly magazine
The Sharp End ABC TV, 8.30 p.m. Tuesdays Reviewed by Tony Smith During the great depression of the '30s, according to my grandfather, it was common to see families evicted from their homes by the "bailiffs". During the supposedly lesser
Storyteller with a message Body of Glass By Marge Piercy Penguin Books, 1992. 583 pp. $12.95 Reviewed by Steve Painter Marge Piercy's latest is set in a ruined world made largely uninhabitable by the effects of atomic war and the
New world music mag The first issue of Culture (formerly Isis) has hit the streets. Culture describes itself as a "roots music magazine" and concentrates on African music and reggae. Judging from the depth of information, range of
Amunda takes on the 'civilised' world Civilised World Amunda Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association through Larrikin Available on CD and cassette Reviewed by Mara Ochoa Amunda, an Aboriginal rock band formed in Alice


Cambodia: the unthinkable The seemingly unthinkable is becoming plausible. Pol Pot's genocidal Khmer Rouge is rebuilding a strength that might enable it to once again impose its terror on the Cambodian people — courtesy of the United