Issue 458


BY STUART MARTIN PORT KEMBLA — Unions representing workers at BHP Steel have been angered by a decision by Serco to reduce staffing at a number of ambulance stations, including two 24-hour stations. Serco also plans to replace some stations
BY LINDA WALDRON MELBOURNE — During the month of June, Melbourne was inundated with corporate self-promotion in the interests of developers, investors, big business and profiteers. The Melbourne City Council elections — for seven councilors,
Nestles continue lock-out MELBOURNE — Multinational Nestles has continued it's lockout of 100 food process and maintenance workers at Echuca into the seventh week. The lockout is the result of an enterprise bargaining negotiation in which Nestles
BY BRONWYN POWELL WOLLONGONG — "Mabo took 10 years, this is just one battle" — with these words Jeff Anderson, an Aboriginal activist of the Sandon Point Tent Embassy, pledged to continue the fight to save the sacred land at Sandon Point for as
BY EWAN SAUNDERS BRISBANE — Scenes of clashes between protesters and heavily-armed Italian riot police during the G8 summit in Genoa have proved the spark for a concerted propaganda campaign against anti-capitalist groups planning actions during
BY REBECCA MECKELBURG ADELAIDE — "The debate about globalisation is about moving from 'policy' to protest — not protest to policy", said M1 and Socialist Alliance activist Leslie Richmond, at a Politics in the Pub forum on July 26. The forum,
Due to a sub-editing error, the article "Socialist Alliance plans campaigns" (GLW #457) stated that mass leafleting of Workers Compensation information occurred on July 18. This took place on July 25. Socialist Alliance members decided on July 19 to
BY SARAH CLEARY HOBART — General staff at the University of Tasmania voted to accept a 12.54 percent pay rise over the next three years after rejecting an 8% rise in a non-union staff ballot in March. Casual staff will be worse off under the
BY TIM GOODEN The federal government's July 25 announcement of a royal commission into the construction industry is a clear attempt to weaken organised labour and attack workers' rights in an area long a bastion of militant unionism. The
BY LAUREN CARROLL-HARRIS SYDNEY — Forty activists protesting the police murder of 23-year-old Genoa protester Carlo Giuliani were met with large black steel barricades and dozens of police and security guards when they descended on the Italian
BY LISA MACDONALD On August 6, the United States' brutal sanctions on Iraq will have been in place for 11 years. The Socialist Alliance, along with the Worker Communist Parties of Iraq and Iran, and the Committee to Defend Iraqi Women's Rights, has
BY CHRISTOPHER PERKINS WOLLONGONG — Illawarra TAFE institute management has upped the ante in its attempt to halt its library staff's stubborn fight against job cuts by threatening to dock the pay of union members who refuse to work evening
BY ANGELA LUVERA & JON LAND As political repression has increased in Indonesia, Aceh and West Papua, pro-democracy activists in Australia have organised a series of solidarity actions. These protests have condemned the increase in repression by the
On July 26 a young African man suicided in Villawood detention centre by hanging himself with a bedsheet. He had arrived at Sydney Airport a day and a half earlier, and had his visa cancelled by immigration officials — he was given no explanation
BY ZANNY BEGG SYDNEY — The coalition which organised the May 1 blockade of the stock exchange has changed its name and its focus. Twenty members of the group, meeting on July 26, decided it was to time to change its name from M1 Sydney to
BY NIKKI ULASOWSKI SYDNEY — Organised around the theme, "Which way forward for women's liberation? Women of the world working together", the 2001 Network of Women Students Australia (NOWSA) conference held in Sydney on July 16-20 was attended by
No bank closures! CANBERRA — Socialist Alliance activists held a speakout outside the Bunda Street branch of the Commonwealth Bank on July 27 to protest its closure. The action was the culmination of weekly Socialist Alliance campaign stalls

GEELONG — Workers at Geelong Windows have just re-won a significant pay increase, despite an attempt by the Australian Workers Union (AWU) to trade-off a previous increase.

Geelong Windows has 18 employees. Nine are members of the AWU, and nine are members of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Engineering Union (CFMEU).


BY JAMES VASSILOPOULOS GENOA — The repression unleashed on those who protested against the G8 summit here was the fiercest at any such protest to date: one person, Carlo Giuliani, was murdered iin Genoa, another was killed in unknown
A large majority of US whites perceive African Americans as having equal or better opportunities than themselves. This incredible misconception is documented in a new national poll conducted by the Washington Post, the Henry J. Kaiser Family
BY EVA CHENG Fears that an all-out world recession is about to hit have become increasingly pronounced, with Japan and the major European economies following the formerly booming United States into sharp deceleration. In May, the International
BY MAX LANE In October 1999, when Megawati Sukarnoputri won the consolation prize of being elected Abdurrahman Wahid's vice-president, tens of thousands of her supporters paraded around the streets of Jakarta celebrating. There is no doubt that had
BY PIP HINMAN At 4am on July 22, a tent occupied by hunger strikers in the Sumatran town of Lampung was doused with petrol and set alight by thugs, suspected to be military personnel in plain clothes. Two of the hunger strikers — GPK (Popular
@box text intr = February 18: The London Socialist Alliance picketed the House of Commons in protest against the sanctions imposed on Iraq. March 29: Socialist Alliance members joined members of the Chinese community to rally against Blair's
BY JAMES VASSILOPOULOS & DANNY FAIRFAX GENOA — It was like a rumbling thunder: chanting "Assassini" and "Genoa Li-be-ra", hundreds of thousands marched through the streets here on July 21 in an historic expression of people's power against
BY ALISON DELLIT "We started election campaigning in a handful of seats, now we're moving towards 100 local branches throughout England and Wales", Marcus Larsen, the chairperson of the London Socialist Alliance told Green Left Weekly. In the
BY DAVID BACON CHARLESTON — This September, five dockworkers will go on trial in South Carolina. Elijah Ford Jr., Ricky Simmons, Peter Washington, Jason Edgerton and Kenneth Jefferson face felony riot charges, arising from a confrontation on the
BY ALISON DELLIT Since April, the north of England has been racked by street violence as Asian youths confront racist gangs in a desperate attempt to defend the safety of their communities. The riots have centered on the north-western towns of
[In the largest such march in the history of the country, 1.2 million Cubans marched through Havana on July 26, the 48th anniversary of Fidel Castro's assault on the Moncada Barracks, the first shot of the Cuban Revolution. Here we reprint an English
BY SEAN HEALY What is clear after the Genoa G8 summit is that the world's rulers have made a conscious policy decision: it is time to violently repress the anti-globalisation movement. Many of the individual elements of the state terror employed
BY SEAN HEALY Many of the world's poorest countries are struggling to make even modest progress on reducing poverty, and there is now little chance that they will meet the United Nations Millennium Summit targets for poverty eradication and
BY JON LAND As campaigning for the Constituent Assembly elections slowly gathers momentum across East Timor, the installation of Megawati Sukarnoputri as Indonesia's new president has drawn a mixed response from East Timor's political leaders and
BY JAMES VASSILOPOULOS GENOA — "Capitalism cannot be made to be more human, it must be overthrown", Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire leader and Euro MP Alain Krivine told a rally of 2000 which preceded the mass mobilisation of 300,000 on July


REVIEW BY PHIL SHANNON The Quarrel of the Age: The Life and Times of William HazlittBy A. C. GraylingWeidenfeld & Nicolson, 2000399 pages, $69.95 (hb) "Feculent garbage of blasphemy and scurrility", "loathsome trash", "disfiguring the records of
Marxism versus AnarchismBy Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Leon Trotsky, John G. Wright and V.I. LeninResistance Books, 2001237 pages, $19.95 REVIEW BY KEARA COURTNEY The series of actions against corporate globalisation, from Seattle in 1999 and