Issue 414


BHP should 'put money where mouth is' BY SEAN HEALY SYDNEY — The Mineral Policy Institute (MPI) has condemned mining giant BHP's unwillingness to take any responsibility for the destruction wreaked by its Ok Tedi mine in Papua New Guinea, in
Police: selling Green Left is 'suspicious behaviour' BY TONY ILTIS LISMORE — A local activist was accosted by police on July 26 and subjected to a public search and questioning for selling Green Left Weekly in the street. The activist reports
No mandatory detention for asylum seekers! BY PIP HINMAN In an attempt to remind federal immigration minister Philip Ruddock of his responsibility to provide protection for asylum seekers, a group of 27 non-government organisations has called on
Hiroshima Day to launch new anti-nuclear coalition MELBOURNE — At the August 6 rally here to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, unions, churches, environment, peace, ethnic and community groups will unite to launch the
Students plan activist left tickets BY JAMES CAULFIELD& RUTH RATCLIFFE CANBERRA — Student activists here are laying plans to end conservative domination of the student associations at the University of Canberra and the Australian National
Jobs threatened by market testing BY STUART MARTIN CANBERRA — The announcement the Liberal government to market test every public sector function with the intention to outsource to the private sector threatens thousands of jobs. The first jobs
ScreenSound agreement near CANBERRA — Delegates and members at ScreenSound Australia of the Community and Public Sector Union, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance are to meet on August 1 to
DETYA staff reject non-union agreement BY PAUL OBOOHOV CANBERRA — Staff at the federal Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs (DETYA) have overwhelmingly rejected a draft non-union agreement in a blow to management's attempts to
'Angry voices' against imperialism Angry voices against imperialism BY SUSAN AUSTIN BRISBANE — "It is in countries like Indonesia that people are really feeling the impacts of the big international financial institutions", Indonesian
Global action conference an important step forward MELBOURNE — International solidarity, workers and the environment, women in the global marketplace and First-Third World relations were just some of the issues discussed at the Global Action
Thousands march against racism — again Thousands march against racism — again HOBART — In the biggest march in Tasmania for at least 25 years, 15,000 to 25,000 people participated in the "Walk for reconciliation" over the Tasman Bridge on
BY ALEX BAINBRIDGE HOBART — Calls for a moratorium on the rapid increase in timber plantations in the state have increased, following a 200-strong public meeting, organised by the Wilderness Society, in the Town Hall on July 26. The area covered
High school walkout against N-dump called ADELAIDE — The socialist youth organisation Resistance has called a high school walkout for 11am on August 16 against the proposed nuclear waste dump at Lake Eyre in central South Australia. The walkout
Three more S11 groups formed RAY FULCHER, STUART MUNCKTON& EMA CORRO MELBOURNE — Preparations for the S11 protests against the World Economic Forum, scheduled to occur here from September 11-13, are gathering pace, with three new campus S11
Cuba solidarity in Hobart BY ALEX BAINBRIDGE HOBART — Cuba's revolution has been able to survive because it has tapped the "creative potential" of millions of working people, Democratic Socialist Party leader Dick Nichols told participants in a
Planned US rocket base in WA sparks opposition BY JIM GREEN The United States military is planning to establish a rocket testing range in Western Australia, linked to its contentious plans for "missile defence" systems. Royal Australian Navy
BY ROBERT MILNE& PETER JOHNSTON DARWIN — After months of stalling and damning criticisms from the United Nations, the so-called mandatory sentencing "compromise" between Prime Minister John Howard and Northern Territory Chief Minister Denis
Protests build as asylum seekers grow desperate BY PAUL BENEDEK SYDNEY — On the afternoon of July 29, riot police were used to force more than 50 asylum seekers at the Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney's western suburbs onto buses to be
Rules on refugee services criticised BY LYNDA HANSEN BRISBANE — Federal government laws and regulations restricting refugees' access to work, housing and medical services came under sustained criticism at a Refugee Action Day here on July 23.
BY KIM BULLIMORE SYDNEY — On the July 14, Isobel Coe, an elder from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, established a new embassy in Victoria Park, opposite the University of Sydney. The embassy was established to highlight how Aboriginal


Message from Indonesian peasants' union Fransisca Christianti, secretary-general of Indonesia's National Peasants Union (STN), sent a message to Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor thanking all the Australian and international
BY DENISE COMANNE& ERIC TOUSSAINT The G7's Cologne summit in June 1999 announced debt relief of up to 90% for some of the poorest countries. One year later, on occasion of the G7 plus Russia's July meeting in Okinawa, the Committee for the
HONG KONG — "Our election campaign is based on a transitional program aimed at gaining the attention of the working masses of Hong Kong", Leung Kwok-hung, candidate for the April 5 Action socialist organisation, explained to Green Left Weekly on
Australia quietly resumes military aid to Indonesia It took the July 24 murder of Leonard Manning, a New Zealand United Nations soldier in East Timor, to remind the world that the Indonesian military hasn't changed its spots. But just four days
MANILA — Protest rallies in Metro Manila were violently dispersed by police and marines on July 24. The rallies were called by progressive groups to denounce the state of the nation address (sona) by President Joseph Estrada at the Philippine
SOUTH KOREA: Growing calls for revision of US troops' status SEOUL — As relations between the two Koreas change, the presence of 37,000 US troops in South Korea is being questioned. Ruling-class politicians have moved to control and contain this
The Polisario Front said on July 27 that it was "frustrated by underground manoeuvres" aimed at derailing the United Nations peace plan in Western Sahara. Kamal Fadel, the Australian representative of the Western Sahara independence movement, warned:
HONG KONG — Trade unions have become more active in recent times in defence of wages, conditions and democratic rights, according to leaders of the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions. Speaking to Green Left Weekly on July 25, HKCTU organising
PALESTINE: Camp David signals PA leadership's capitulation RAMALLAH — The media hyperbole and fanfare surrounding the summit meeting between the leaders of Israel, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the United States at Camp David in Washington
KOWLOON — "One of the main campaigns being carried out by Greenpeace Hong Kong is against pollution in Hong Kong harbour, as well as river and air pollution", Kevin Li, a member of the International Rivers Network and Greenpeace Hong Kong, told
Spotlight on Indonesia Students arrested at Golkar congress Hundreds of students demonstrated in front of the national parliament on July 20 on the second day of a Golkar party congress. Golkar, the party of former President Suharto, has many
Australian Cuba solidarity activist acknowledged Melbourne-based long-time Cuba solidarity activist and director of Ocean Press, David Deutschmann, was presented with the Friendship Medal in Cuba on July 21. Jose Ramon Balaguer, head of the Cuban
INDONESIA: Protests commemorate 1996 crackdown Protest actions took place in several Indonesian cities on July 27 to commemorate the 1996 attacks on the headquarters of the Indonesian Democratic Party-Struggle (PDI-P) and the crackdown on the
SEOUL — On July 29, more than 13,000 workers and students amassed in the city centre to mark one month since the Kim Dae-Jung regime violently cracked down on striking workers from the Lotte Hotel and the Public Health Insurance Office. Using
CUBA: A million people march against US blockade HAVANA, July 26 — Cuba's President Fidel Castro headed a march of more than 1 million people past the US Interests Office here to demand the end of the US blockade of Cuba and Washington's economic
Cuban women warmly welcomed BY JACKIE LYNCH MELBOURNE — Seventy people enjoyed a night of political discussion, delicious food and solidarity with the Cuban Revolution at Victorian's Trades Hall on July 22 to welcome Bertha Acosta and Nancy
BY ALISON DELLIT Women in Cuba must continue to organise to defend and extend the gains of the revolution, Nancy Iglesias Mildenstein told a meeting at Newcastle University on July 27. Mildenstein, a leader of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC),
Race and class in the US: Big Brother is at it again BY MALIK MIAH Bureaucracies, dictators and the ruling capitalists don't like internet technologies to be in the hands of the common people in the United States, or anywhere around the world. As
RUSSIA: Gazprom Vega workers contaminated by radiation The following appeal was issued by the workers of the Vega department of Gazprom. We are workers in a department of the Russian Gazprom [natural gas] corporation. For 10 years we have been
EAST TIMOR: Militia threat continues The confrontation on July 24 between pro-Jakarta militia forces from West Timor and a detachment of New Zealand soldiers from the United Nations peace-keeping force — the third such incident along the western


Social action conference planned SYDNEY — YOUTH RIGHTS ADVOCATES and community development groups will come together here in November for a major international conference, Education and Social Action. The conference, to be held at the University
When the oppressed express themselves The Filth and the FurySex Pistols documentaryDirected by Julien TempleAt major cinemas REVIEW BY STUART MUNCKTON Julien Temple's documentary on legendary British punk band the Sex Pistols, The Filth and the
S11 street theatre BY DAVE RILEY In the lead up to the anti-World Economic Forum protests in Melbourne on September 11, I'm keen to work up a scripted routine for street performance — for rallies, pickets, campaign meetings, etc. Through a
BY RICHARD PITHOUSE Reggae has been an important world music ever since the release of Bob Marley's Catch a Fire back in 1973. For obvious reasons, it has always had a particular resonance in Africa and in marginalised communities and countries
The Diplomat Gil Scrine Films, in association with Film Australia and Emerald Films, presents The Diplomat, a film which follows East Timor's Nobel Peace Prize winner Jose Ramos Horta in the final, tumultuous stages of his 24 years roving the world
Valuing humanity and nature Being and WorthBy Andrew CollierRoutledge, London, 1999136pp., $42.95 (pb) REVIEW BY NEVILLE SPENCER The field of ethics is possibly the least developed area of philosophical debate. This is even more the case in
Pilger online Hidden Agendas: The films and writings of John Pilger<> Award-winning journalist and film-maker John Pilger has waged a moral war against Western governments for the past three decades. Unrelenting


Global Sisterhood Network dinner planned MELBOURNE — A women's dinner will be held here to raise funds for Piglas Kababaihan (Women Breaking the Chains) in the Philippines. The dinner is planned for Thursday, August 10, 7pm, at Il Gambrero, 215