Issue 334


Semaphore community rally against racism ADELAIDE — The serenity of the suburb of Semaphore was interrupted on September 19 by more than 100 activists rallying against the racism of Howard and Hanson. The rally, organised by the Democratic
By Cassandra Pomroy SYDNEY — More than 300 people attended the "harmony afternoon of reconciliation" at the University of Technology on September 12. Organised by Black, White and Pink, the forum addressed the need for gays and lesbians to take
By Chris Spindler MELBOURNE — After a long campaign, the Electrical Trades Union has won an agreement with Kilpatrick Green on the Docklands site for a 36-hour work week with an increase in pay. The 38-hour week formally remains, with one day off
Nowra reconciliation meeting By Margaret Perrott NOWRA — More than 80 people attended a "meet the candidates" night organised by the Berry Aboriginal Reconciliation Committee. The meeting, held at the Nowra Aboriginal Cultural Centre on
By Nick Everett About 140 Community and Public Sector Union members stopped work on September 15 to support the union's campaign to reverse a $240 million-dollar funding cut to Centrelink, the federal government's service delivery agency. After
By Karen Fredericks BRISBANE — The Peter Beattie Labor state government on September 15 announced a budget which funds the biggest ever expansion of prisons in Australia's history. The budget allocation for corrective services capital expansion
Youth poverty increasing By Ema Corro CANBERRA — "The impact of the Coalition government's attacks on youth incomes has had a devastating effect", Democratic Socialist candidate for Canberra, Nikki Ulasowski, told Green Left Weekly. Ulasowski
Apology In the article "NUS ties itself to Labor" by Marcus Greville and Wendy Robertson (GLW #333), the authors did not intend to suggest that Van Badham and the International Socialist Organisation oppose the demands and objectives of the
By Shannon Buckley and Marcel Cameron PERTH — On September 14, Resistance was tipped off that Pauline Hanson and her media circus was about to make a staged appearance in the busy Hay Street Mall. We raced out of the Resistance Centre, down to
By Shane Bentley SYDNEY — With disillusionment with Liberal and Labor increasing, more and more people are planning to cast their federal election vote for alternative political parties and independents. In addition to the better known
How to vote for the Democratic Socialists on October 3 Advertisement How to vote for the Democratic Socialists on October 3 ACT Canberra: Nikki Ulasowski Fraser: Sue Bull NSW Cunningham: Margaret Perrott Grayndler: Michael Karadjis
Nurses fight for better health care By Tim Gooden CANBERRA — Over the past several weeks, patients at Canberra Hospital have inundated the ACT Liberal government with complaints about cancelled operations and long delays due to a shortage of
Alternative parties discuss jobs, union rights By Rachel Evans MELBOURNE — "On the Election Trail" is a recent addition to 3CR's Friday breakfast show. On a recent broadcast, David Risterem from the Greens, Vannessa Hearman from the Democratic
Anti-racism protesters take to the suburbs again By Lachlan Malloch SYDNEY — On September 19, as noon drew near on a glorious spring day in inner-city Glebe, more than 100 anti-racist protesters gathered to take their message to the community.
Workers rally for award conditions By Michael Bull MELBOURNE — On September 16, more than 1000 workers rallied outside the Australian Industrial Relations Commission to protest the challenge by industrial relations minister Peter Reith to
By Alex Robinson PERTH — Guild elections were held at the University of WA, September 7-10. The broad left ticket, Activate, won the positions of women's officer and environment officer. Most positions, including guild president, were won by the
Burma democracy activists rally By Shosheena Stoneand Nikki Ulasowski CANBERRA — Last week, the Burmese National League for Democracy (NLD), led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, announced the formation of a provisional government in Rangoon. Since
More arrests at Jabiluka The Jabiluka campaign continues to intensify as 12 people were arrested on September 19 at the proposed uranium mine site in Kakadu National Park. Ten people locked themselves to a metal sculpture of a frill-necked lizard
By Russell Pickering CANBERRA — The ACT Trades and Labor Council completed its Politics in the Pub seminars on September 16 with a discussion about "globalisation" and its impact on working people. More than 80 people heard Doug Cameron, national
Democratic Socialists reach out By Chris Spindler MELBOURNE — The Democratic Socialists, who are standing for the Senate and the seat of Melbourne in Victoria, are taking their politics to the streets. Teams have been established in eight
Brambles breaks guarantee By Sarah Harris SYDNEY — Casual workers employed by the security firm Brambles have been threatened with the sack and workers at the Beaconsfield, Smithfield and Lane Cove depots have gone on strike in protest. A


By Norm Dixon Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe's claim that his regime's military expedition into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is motivated by a selfless need to turn back "foreign aggressors" has not been enthusiastically accepted at

In a clear warning to Afghanistan's Taliban leadership, Iran has staged the largest military exercises since the 1979 Islamic revolution along the border with Afghanistan. Seventy thousand of Iran's elite Islamic Revolutionary

On September 11, the National Security Archive, a Washington-based non-profit research group, posted declassified US government documents on its web site which detail US attempts from 1970 to 1973 to prevent the Socialist Party's Salvador Allende
Chile: coup anniversary brings heavy repression On September 11, Chileans commemorated the 25th anniversary of the bloody 1973 coup d'etat that overthrew democratically elected socialist president Salvador Allende Gossens. The coup was led by
By Will Offley CANADA — Abortion providers in Canada and Québec are facing a new threat. A systematic and well-organised campaign now under way aims to identify and expose abortion providers, increasing the risk of terrorist attacks
'Hands off Assata!' By Deepa Fernandes Her name is Assata Shakur. Assata "She who Struggles" Shakur "the Thankful". They call her JoAnne Chesimard, and they want her as an accomplice to murder. I met Assata last New Year's Eve in Havana. She is a
IN A REPORT released in Geneva on September 9, the Center for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, a component of the International Commission of Jurists, called for the prosecution of armed forces, police and local militia personnel who, it says,
Anti-choice terrorism CANADA — Since February 1998, there has been a campaign of intimidation against abortion providers in British Columbia (BC). Local health care workers have received letters asking them to identify physicians who provide
Students protest 'dual role' of military By Max Lane On September 14, student militants organised protest actions in eight Indonesian cities calling for the end to dwifungsi ABRI (the dual role of the armed forces). The dwifungsi doctrine, which
By Eva Cheng "I think it is absolutely critical, not only for Asia but for the rest of the world, that Japan [its economy] get back on track", warned US Treasury secretary Robert Rubin on September 4, the day before he met Japanese finance minister
On September 23, Germans will vote in the country's general elections. The following background information is abridged from a paper presented to the conferences of the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies and The American Council on
Cuba updates Women in Cuba Cuba received praise earlier this month from the United Nations for the great advances made by Cuban women since the triumph of the revolution in 1959. Angela King, undersecretary general for the UN, has been in Cuba
Kidnap victims protest By Max Lane Relatives and friends of 14 missing political activists held a demonstration on September 16, demanding to know the whereabouts of their sons and friends. Among the protesters was the mother of the Bima
International news briefs Ogoni activists freed Twenty Ogoni activists, held without trial by the Nigerian dictatorship since 1994 on trumped up murder charges, were ordered released from Port Harcourt prison in Rivers State on September 8 by the
By Sean Healy MIRPUR, Azad Kashmir — Kashmir is a nation in torment — partitioned, brutally repressed, its people the victims of a vicious proxy war between India and Pakistan. The Kashmiri people want an independent, free Kashmir, beholden to
By Jill Hickson On August 29-30, the council of the Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor (APCET) met in Jakarta to discuss the post-Suharto situation for Indonesia and East Timor, and the future activities of APCET. APCET is a coalition of


Dark nights in the valley In the Winter DarkDirected by James BogleWith Brenda Blethyn, Ray Barrett, Miranda Otto and Richard RoxburghAt major cinemas Review by Margaret Allanand Francesca Davis Something sinister is out there. It mutilates
Inside CowleyBy Alan ThornettPorcupine Press, London, 1998408pp (pb), £17.45 Review by James Vassilopoulos Inside Cowley contains a thousand lessons for trade union militants. It explains how British PM Margaret Thatcher got away with taming
Bradbury's Loggerheads on ABC TV Controversial environmental film-maker David Bradbury explores the forest debate in his latest film, Loggerheads, screening on Tuesday, September 29, 8.30pm, on ABC TV. Bradbury highlights the distinction between


Balance of power In a cynical vote-catching ploy, the Australian Democrats have adopted a new slogan for the federal election: "Vote Democrat to stop One Nation dividing Australia". The Australian Democrats' battle with One Nation for the