Issue 187


International solidarity in Adelaide By Jon Lamb ADELAIDE — International solidarity activists here celebrated May Day at a dinner hosted by the Democratic Socialist Party on May 5. Sixty people gathered at the Resistance Centre to
Students protest with a tent university By Emma Webb ADELAIDE — Students have established a "tent university" outside the ALP state office following the No Fees National Day of Action rally on May 3. The tent university —
Tarkine campaign escalates By Ben Courtice HOBART — More than 150 people marched through the city streets to Parliament House on May 9 to protest against the road construction through the Tarkine wilderness and the arrests of protesters
By Andrew Watson BRISBANE — Some 200 building workers, members of other unions and supporters of the locked-out Mt Isa mineworkers picketed the headquarters of Mount Isa Mines Ltd in Ann Street here on May 12. Members of the Construction,
Cuban youth leader to tour By Roberto Jorquera Alejandro Herrera Agete from the Union of Young Communists (UJC) in Cuba will be in Sydney from May 23 to June 2. His visit, which will include a series of student and public meetings on the
Amnesty report on gay imprisonment By Deirdre Graham At least 15 countries around the world are still imprisoning people for being gay, according to the human rights group Amnesty International. Australia, Russia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Iran
Large May Day march in WA By Rjurik Davidson PERTH — The May Day march and rally, held in Fremantle on May 7, was the biggest in recent years. Almost 5000 people participated. The theme of the day was "Back to Basics" unionism,
May Day in Wollongong By Liam Mitchell WOLLONGONG — Approximately 200 people braved wet weather to celebrate May Day on May 6. Labour unions, political parties, a contingent of picketers from the recently disbanded Coledale hospital
Kennett slashes public housing By David Mizon and April Bragg MELBOURNE — Fifty people rallied in Port Melbourne on May 1 to defend the Public Tenants Union (PTU), which is being closed down by the Kennett government. The closure is
Ghost of the 1964 dispute By Jim McIllroy As the MIM conflict develops, many have recalled comparisons with the great 1964-65 strike, which lasted more than six months. The Mt Isa strike of 30 years ago split the town, and almost
By Freya Pinney WOLLONGONG — Miscellaneous Workers Union (MWU) members led a strike at the university on May 8-10 over the hiring of non-union labour. The picket lines, which formed after a rally of 250 people, were maintained for 24 hours and
By Wendy Robertson "Suharto is a Butcher; free East Timor Now", "Free Xanana Gusmao, Indonesia Out Now" and "No Blood For Oil" were some of the chants that echoed through city streets across Australia on Saturday, May 13. Around 1500 people
AIDS tree project SYDNEY — The Sydney Park AIDS Tree Planting Project will hold its next planting day on Sunday, June 25, between 10.30am and 4pm. Project organisers are inviting people to plant a tree for a loved one who has died from an
MIM attacks union, locks out miners By Jim McIlroy BRISBANE — The deepening confrontation between Mt Isa mineworkers and mining giant MIM Holdings Ltd moved toward a crisis as the company locked out its entire work force on the morning
Students march on parliament By Kerryn Williams and Natalie Zirngast CANBERRA — Four hundred students from the Australian National University and the University of Canberra marched on Parliament House on May 11 in a vocal and energetic
Solidarity messages The following letters were sent to the MIM workers last week. To Stephen Hardwick, MIM workers picket line The Shearers and Rural Workers Union (SRWU) wishes to express full support and solidarity with workers


By Jennifer Thompson Turkey's most famous author, Yashar Kemal, went to trial in a State Security Court on May 5, charged with "disseminating separatism" under Article 8 of Turkey's Anti-Terror Law. The basis for this charge was the views Kemal
The 14th general conference of the Organisation to Ban Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean, held in Vina del Mar, Chile, for the first time with the participation of the 33 nations of the subcontinent, pledged to help strengthen the
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — News of a vast gas leak and explosion on April 27 in the Komi Republic, 1500 kilometres north-east of the Russian capital, has again focused attention on the catastrophic state of Russia's oil and gas pipeline
Officials from the ministries of agriculture, foreign affairs and the environment of approximately 150 countries will gather for a major conference on plant genetic resources in Leipzig, Germany, in June 1996. The intergovernmental conference,
By Eva Cheng Rumours are circulating in Beijing that Deng Xiaoping's second son, Deng Zhifang, has been questioned about alleged economic crimes. The reports follow the shock arrests recently of high officials and business associates close to
Kurdish parliament meets in Europe The following is from a statement released by the Parliament of Kurdistan in Exile. On April 12, 1995, in the Netherlands, the Parliament of Kurdistan in Exile held its inaugural meeting. The act proved to
By Reihana Mohideen Results from the first stage of counting indicate that four out of the seven congressional candidates supported by SANLAKAS, a federation of progressive mass organisations, and the Student Advocates for Voter Empowerment
By Richard Horsey French and US oil companies face allegations that slave labour is being used on a massive scale to build a gas pipeline from Burma to Thailand. The project is a joint venture between French company Total, US company Unocal and
Greenpeace stops Israeli boat from dumping toxics Greenpeace activists on board the ship MV Greenpeace on the morning of May 7 prevented the Israeli vessel Aribel from dumping toxic sludge into the Mediterranean, two kilometres off the Israeli
By Matthew Thomas KWAMKI-LAMA, West Papua — Here, in the island of New Guinea, live the Amungme people. Kwamki-lama is a refugee camp not far from the highest mountains between the Himalayas and the Andes. Tembagapura, the biggest and highest
By Boris Kagarlitsky Any history of the ideologues of "Belovezhskaya* Russia" would have to be like an account of the 40 years Moses is supposed to have spent wandering in the desert. From the whole of the Old Testament, it seems, these people
By Kath Gelber More than 35,000 women from all over the world are expected to converge on Beijing in September for the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women. The UN has claimed the conference will "set [the] women's agenda into next
By Mick Griffiths WAKEFIELD — On April 12 a historic meeting was organised as rival fans from all three local rugby league teams in the Wakefield district joined forces in what we hope will only have to be a temporary alliance. Supporters
Human rights violators and influential members of the armies of various Latin American countries have earned sizeable sums of money for passing information to the CIA. This is shaping up as a major scandal. It all began with the claim that


Prostitutes Speak Out Produced and directed by Phyllis Jane Rose Reviewed by Penny Saunders Attending the May Day presentation of "Prostitutes Speak Out" at the Lion Arts Centre in Adelaide allowed me to catch up with long-time acquaintance
Aboriginal Autonomy: Issues and Strategies By H.C. Coombs Cambridge University Press, 1994. 251 pp., $25 (pb) Reviewed by Chris Martin Perhaps the most influential and eloquent white advocate of Aboriginal self-determination, H.C. "Nugget"
Speaking clearly Speak Quiet, Speak Strong The Cutting Edge: SBS TV Tuesday, May 23, 8.30pm (8 SA) Reviewed by Lou Stanley and Kath Gelber Speak Quiet, Speak Strong is a lot louder than its title. The program documents Aboriginal and
The Rhythm of Time There's an inner thing in every man, Do you know this thing my friend? It has withstood the blows of a million years, And will do so to the end. It was born when time did not exist, And it grew up out of life,
Not gripping, listening Higher Learning (soundtrack) Various artists Epic Records Reviewed by Sean Moysey For me the soundtrack to the movie Higher Learning parallels a triple-J play list. It puts rap from performers like Ice Cube and
Sebe Valanga Khoza and Safika Larrikin Entertainment Reviewed by Norm Dixon Sebe is South African exile, now resident in Australia, Valanga Khoza's debut album. It showcases Khoza's lyrical traditional and contemporary African folk music.
Bye Bye Love Directed by Sam Weisman Starring Matthew Modine, Randy Quaid and Paul Reiser Reviewed by Barry Healy Bye Bye Love could be the Four Weddings and a Funeral of 1995 — a well-played comedy piece that mixes poignancy about
By Sean Moysey WOLLONGONG — Mary-Anne Breeze (Mez), Walter Brecely and Tania Daniels are three young artists who met last year in Goulburn while completing an associate diploma; they all now study art at Wollongong University. In April


Nuclear testing The lives of the people of Moruroa and Fangataufa in the South Pacific are in more danger following the election of the new French president. Jacques Chirac has signalled his intention to break the 1992 moratorium and resume