Barry Healy

Capitalist Networks and Social Power in Australia and New Zealand

By Georgina Murray

Ashgate, 2006

252 pages, US$99.95 (hb)

Many working-class people in Western Australia are suffering the consequences of a “two-tier society” despite the state’s booming economy, the Socialist Alliance candidate for Pearce, Annolies Truman, told the party’s state conference on August 11.

On July 21 the East/Hills branch of the Socialist Alliance pre-selected Annolies Truman to run for the seat of Pearce in the up-coming federal election.

It is often thought that concern for the interconnection of living systems is a modern development. But Karl Marx’s talked about it repeatedly throughout his Capital.

Australia has long been known as one of the most wasteful countries in the world: per head of population we are second only to the US in the amount of waste we pile into landfills.

The Original Australians

By Josephine Flood

Allen and Unwin, 2006

306 pages, $39.95

Men in Contemporary Russia: The Fallen Heroes of Post-Soviet Change?

by Rebecca Kay

Ashgate, 2006

236 pages, $121.50

On April 24, the Locals for Esperance Development (LED) residents' group told the WA south coast town’s local council they wanted a complete ban on the shipment through Esperance of lead for nickel to be transported in closed containers, and community consultation about further transportation of heavy metals through the port.

Free Market Missionaries: The Corporate Manipulation of Community Values

By Sharon Beder

Earthscan, 2006

260 pages, $56

Esperance Port Authority workers and residents angry at the heavy metal contamination scandal affecting the town and Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) workers have banned handling lead through the port. More than 700 residents packed the Esperance Civic Centre on March 26 to hear reports of a pattern of bureaucratic buck-passing on the lead and nickel pollution.


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