Tamil Oppression Day

Tamil Oppression Day


2:00pm Saturday 06 February


State Library
Melbourne VIC 3000


The Government of Sri Lanka has organised events on the 4th of February to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of Sri Lanka's independence from British rule.

For Tamil speaking people on the island, this is the day one oppressor handed power over to another oppressor. For hundreds of years the Portugese, Dutch, and British oppressed all on the island. After independence, instead of solidarity however, the Sinhala-Buddhist chauvinist state decided to co-opt the ruthlessness of colonial rule - leading to countless pogroms and other heinous acts.

Gotabya Rajapaksa’s recent election has led to an increase of violence toward Tamil and Muslim communities. Tamil memorials for the Mullaivaikal genocide have been destroyed or disrupted. Muslims have been forced to cremate their loved ones, going against a core tenet of their faith.

We are gathering on Saturday the 6th of February, calling on supporters among both the Sinhala and international communities to come together and stand with Tamil people in our resistance against the ongoing military occupation of Tamil homeland.

Until justice is achieved, Sri Lanka’s independence day is a lie. It’s true name is Tamil Oppression Day.

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