International solidarity

Social media giant Meta has censored the School Strike 4 Climate group after it announced plans for a school strike for West Papua on August 30. Alex Bainbridge reports.

Luke Mustafa Woods painting

Wiradjuri artist Luke Mustafa Woods, who is based in Djilang/Geelong, speaks to Tim Gooden about his art in solidarity with Palestine.

four people sitting on a couch

Students and supporters of the University of Newcastle Palestine solidarity encampment are resisting management's attempts to shut it down. Niko Leka reports.

Australia is complicit in genocide

Protesters marked 40 weeks of consecutive protests demanding Labor end its support for Israel’s genocidal assault as the Lancet concludes that close to 200,000 Gazans have been killed.

police spray protesters with tear gas

Amid economic turmoil, environmental crisis, escalating inequality, widespread despair and disillusionment, the far right is presenting itself as a “radical” and “anti-system” alternative, argues Brazilian socialist Mariana Riscali.

As Gillian Segal has a track record of insisting that legitimate criticism of Israel is antisemitic, it is more likely that she will be an envoy for promoting racism and division, argues Janet Parker.

sign painted on a van and woman's face

Israel’s state-owned water company Mekorot has played a key role in the theft of Palestinian water. "Fuera Mekorot" (Get Out Mekorot) campaign organiser Gisela Cardozo spoke to Green Left’s Ben Radford about Mekorot's nefarious activities in Argentina and the campaign against it.

Man speaking to a summit

The leaders of the three main countries in Africa’s Sahel region — just south of the Sahara Desert — met in Niamey, Niger, to deepen their Alliance of Sahel States (AES), on July 6 and 7, writes Vijay Prashad.

Green Left News podcast Ep 44, July 12, 2024

Isaac Nellist and Riley Breen discuss Fatima Payman's decision to resign from Labor over its support for Israel's genocide in Gaza, the recent elections in Britain and France and speak to artist, academic and National Tertiary Education Union member Markela Panegyres about the University of Sydney's draconian Campus Access Policy. 

Students at the University of Melbourne say they are being punished because they forced the academic institution to disclose its ties to Israeli genocide. Jacob Andrewartha reports.

About 100 people joined a rally outside the United States Consulate to protest the country’s role in generating war and devastation across the globe. Kerry Smith reports.

A rally outside NSW Labor headquarters expressed support for Western Australian Senator Fatima Payman. Peter Boyle Reports.