Support for the Socialist Alliance's election campaign


Rob Stary: Vote for a party that 'has principle as its guiding light'

If people want to explore a true and genuine alternative party that represents the interests of labour, then Socialist Alliance is always going to be a good party that should be considered.

Socialist Alliance takes a principled stand on issues that relate to the protection of workers' interests. It takes a consistent and principled stand on international affairs. It's not governed by expediency. It's not governed by commercial interests. It takes a stand on principles and that distinguishes Socialist Alliance from both the mainstream parties.

Socialist Alliance has a progressive attitude in terms of conservation issues and the protection of the environment. It has always had a consistent stand of resisting nuclear energy as an unnecessary alternative. It has taken a consistent stand on the preservation of old-growth forests. It opposes the Gunns pulp mill project that is so driven by commercial interests that the Labor Party has embraced it as well as the conservatives.

If you want to vote for a party that has principle as its guiding light, then the Socialist Alliance is a good party to vote for.

[Rob Stary is a civil liberties lawyer.]

Sudanese Human Rights Association: 'Consistently campaigning against racism'

The Sudanese Human Rights Association (SAHARA) has endorsed the Socialist Alliance in the Australian federal elections for 2007. The Socialist Alliance have been consistently campaigning against racism and for refugee rights. They have been fighting George Bush and his oil wars. They struggle for human rights and for workers' rights. For these reasons we are pleased to endorse such a courageous party and look forward to working with you in the future. SAHARA has decided that the Socialist Alliance's fair program has gained our total support.


IN CONVERSATION WITH BRUCE PASCOE: The Climate Emergency & Indigenous Land Practice


Zoom panel featuring Bunurong man Bruce Pascoe, award-winning Australian writer and editor, author of Dark Emu: Black Seeds: Agriculture or Accident?

Also featuring agroecologist Alan Broughton, filmmaker & Rural Fire Service volunteer Robynne Murphy and City of Moreland councillor Sue Bolton.

For more information call (02) 8070 9341 or 0403 517 266. Hosted by Green Left.