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Looking out


Thanks to the kindness of a New South Wales couple, a bank account dedicated to receiving donations for me is now open. I am glad to inform those readers who have wanted to make a donation to me and to my cause — fighting the death penalty — that you can now, from anywhere in Australia, immediately and conveniently transfer money and deposit cheques and cash, directly into this account.

Those who heretofore have wanted to make a donation and want the security of anonymity — rest assured that I understand and will respect your anonymity — can do so by ensuring that the "TRANCODE" on the deposit form is not 99.

The account, at the Australian National Bank Ltd., is under the name of A. Frischknecht. The account number is 082-631 53 096 4691.

I am grateful for all the support I have received from readers during the past ten years that I have been writing the Looking Out column, and am glad to be able to offer a way that makes donating convenient. I rely entirely on the donations of readers such as yourself and friends, and I welcome any amount, be it large or small.

I need your help for my cause, for my writing (a costly endeavour in a US prison), and/or for personal needs. Those of us living under the death sentence are not allowed by the prison to work for pay.

Your donation will reach me straight away. Please know that I thank each of you in advance.


[The writer is a prisoner on death row in the United States. He welcomes letters commenting on his columns (include your name and full return address on the envelope, or prison authorities may refuse to deliver it). He can be written to at: Brandon Astor Jones, EF-122216, G3-77, Georgia Diagnostic & Classification Prison, PO Box 3877, Jackson, GA 30233, USA, or email <brandonastorjones@hotmail.com>. Jones is seeking a publisher for his collected prison writings. Please notify him of any possible leads. Visit Jones' web page at <http://www.brandonastorjones.com>.]

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