On the box


Science: A War on Science — The debate over "intelligent design" versus evolution, and a court case which puts it to the legal test. SBS, Sunday, January 28, 8.30pm.

Drug Trials: The Dark Side — Poor and illiterate patients in India are being used to test new drugs for the West, with many unaware they are even taking part in clinical trials. SBS, Monday, January 29, 1.30pm.

The Jungle Beat — Looks at how the increased enforcement of Brazil's environmental laws is producing enormous tension within the frontier societies that exploit the forest, including the politicians who represent them. SBS, Monday, January 29, 3.30pm.

Blue Eyed: Indecently Exposed — Challenges the racial attitudes held by some Canadians towards Native Canadians, with anti-racism expert Jane Elliott. SBS, Tuesday, January 30, 7.30pm.

Cutting Edge: Iraq's Missing Billions — Billions of dollars of Iraqi reconstruction money were entrusted to the US-led "coalition of the willing". While dodgy contractors were making millions, the Iraqi people were left paying the price. SBS, Tuesday January 30, 8.30pm.

The Power of Nightmares — Should we be worried about the threat from organised terrorism, or is it simply a phantom menace being used to stop society from falling apart? SBS, Wednesday, January 31, 8.30pm.

The Last Days of Yasser Arafat — A look at the final year of Arafat's life, including his last recorded interview. ABC, Thursday, February 1, 9.30pm.

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