On the Box


The Inheritance — In 2000, Hungary's Tisza River was flooded with 120,000 tons of cyanide from an Australian-Romanian gold mine in Baia Mare, Romania. SBS, Friday, November 24, 1pm.

Message Stick: 50 Years Indigenous TV — A look at the television being made about Aboriginal people by non-Aborigines and the birth of the Aboriginal Programs Unit within the ABC, which produces programs such as Blackout and Message Stick. ABC, Friday, November 24, 6pm.

Compass: Gay Muslims — Young gay Muslims reveal their deep conflict with living in a country that is accepting of homosexuality, but belonging to a religion in which it is condemned. ABC, Sunday, November 26, 10pm.

Science: The Age of AIDS — Explores the chasm that emerged between rich and poor following the development of the miraculous "triple cocktail" HIV treatment. SBS, Sunday, November 26, 8.30pm.

Keep Safe — According to this program, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are three times more likely to die from injury than other Australians. SBS, Tuesday, November 28, 3.30pm.

Orthodykes — Three Jewish ultra-orthodox women are trying to come to terms with their lesbian tendencies in a religious environment that bans them. SBS, Wednesday, November 29, 1.45am.

Independent America — Join Hanson Hosein and Heather Hughes as they endeavour to make a 55-day road trip around the US without setting foot inside a corporate chain restaurant, motel or store. SBS, Wednesday, November 29, 8.30pm.