Issue 176


By Chris Martin Released last week, the federal government's review of its five-year National Aboriginal Health Strategy has added more detail to the picture emerging from various state studies of a permanent and deepening Aboriginal health
Environmentalists 'must relate to workers' By Anthony Benbow PERTH — Green Left Weekly spoke to Bill Ethell, secretary of the Construction, Mining, Energy, Timberyard, Sawmillers and Woodworkers Union (WA CFMEU) about the woodchipping
Union boycott of Campbells soups By Bronwen Brook and Adam Leeman MELBOURNE — A spirited meeting of 70 mushroom pickers employed by Campbells Pty Ltd was held in the Bundoora region on February 9. The workers, mostly women, discussed
By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — Thousands of workers marched through the city on February 15 to express their frustration and anger at the Brown Liberal government's proposed changes to the workers' compensation scheme, Workcover. The
Rally defends health system by Janet Parker SYDNEY — One thousand pensioners, health and community workers from across NSW rallied here on February 11 against the dismantling of the public health system. A lively contingent from the


By Norm Dixon MADRID — "In Spain we are living in the final part of a period that began in 1982, when the Socialist Party [PSOE] came into government. In the beginning, people had many illusions, many hopes for change. Those illusions are
Japanese whalers hunting in sanctuary Greenpeace has caught the Japanese whaling fleet hunting whales in the newly created Antarctic whale sanctuary. The crew aboard the MV Greenpeace found the fleet in the Southern Ocean for the third time
In a surprise address televised on the evening of February 9, Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon announced that he had issued orders to arrest several leaders of the rebel Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN). Zedillo said
By Mikael Karlsson In international neo-Nazism today, there are two major positions, the "first position" and the "third position". The first are political parties like National Front in Britain, Front National in France, the Republicans in
British companies in Amazon mahogany rip-off Friends of the Earth revealed on February 13 that British companies are continuing to buy mahogany that has been illegally cut from the Amazon rainforests of Brazil. Official Brazilian government
By Sujatha Fernandes MADRAS — Across India, more than 40 million children work in industries making such products as bangles, fireworks, matches, carpets, glass, hosiery and leather. This figure is an underestimation, since child labour is
By Brian Metcalfe LONDON Ireland's February 15 soccer fixture with England at the Lansdowne Road stadium in Dublin was abandoned after rioting organised by fascist groups. When Ireland scored the first goal after 22 minutes, English fans
By Frank Eckardt HO CHI MINH CITY — Nguyen Rithy Ti is one of a small but increasing number of street children here. He says he left his family two years ago after he had trouble getting along with the grandmother he was sent to live with when
By Tom Griffiths Havana — Some 5000 educators from all over Latin America, including school teachers, academics and Ministry personnel, attended the biannual educational conference in Cuba, "Pedagogia 95", February 6-10. Co-Sponsored by


Gatton Man By Merv Lilley McPhee Gribble. 194 pp., $17.95 Reviewed by John Tognolini "I'm past seventy. I was, in a sense, born with a task. I was born twenty-one years after the event. I am the only person left on earth who could write
World Orders, Old and New By Noam Chomsky Pluto Press, 1994 311 pp., $34.95 (pb) Reviewed by Phil Shannon "The roots of policy lie deep in firmly established institutional structures of power". Chomsky's latest expedition to uncover the
Poem: How to write headlines that will sell the paper By Rosemary Evans Pregnant Nun Accused of Arson _> Drunk MP Drives Over Bridge Prostitute Shoots One-Legged Parson _> Headless Body Found in Fridge. Goldie Hawn Weds Boris
They also serve Clerks Written and directed by Kevin Smith Opening in March at the Kino, Melbourne Reviewed by Chantal Wynter and Kelly Jean Clerks is a hilarious film by 24-year-old first time director Kevin Smith. Based on the
Dancing on the Edge Los Bobos Cosmicos Self-financed release through Disculture Reviewed by Norm Dixon This is the first release by a new distribution company, Disculture, that specialises in promoting "self-dependent" artists — artists
By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — WOMAD '95 (in Botanic Park, February 24-26) promises to be a more exciting and diverse event as its reputation grows on the international music scene. The International Year of Tolerance and beginning of the
Malcolm X: Make it plain Three-part documentary, screening February 23, March 2 and March 9 at 8.30pm (8 South Australia) on SBS Reviewed by Chris Martin This new documentary is a fascinating and comprehensive look at the life of Malcolm X


Hypocrisy on refugees Targeted at Indo-Chinese refugees, recent amendments to the legislation covering Australia's migrant intake smack of hypocrisy and disregard for human rights. In response to the arrival of several hundred