Climate crisis

Meet at Pacific Park Newcastle, Saturday February 22 at 2pm

Location: Forrest Place, Perth

XRWA’s Contemplative Rebels invite you to join us in silence and stillness to bear witness to the climate and ecological emergency. We will hold an hour-long period of sitting or standing meditation and contemplation at Forrest Place. You are welcome to join us to meditate, pray or just be.

It’s a strike. For climate. Let’s make it a big one!

Join the Climate Crisis National Day of Action event in Geelong!

Sat Feb 22, 10.30am, Transvaal Square, 1 Yarra Street, Geelong, 3220.

Saturday, 10am-5pm, June 29, 2019 

Boorloo Activist Centre, 15/5 Aberdeen Street, East Perth, Australia 6000

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March 13, 1pm. State Library 

Hosted by Australia
Town Hall, 483 George Street Sydney
Bill McKibben will talk about building on our work to #StopAdani, the push for fossil fuel divestment, the groundbreaking New York Cities legal case against five of the world’s biggest oil companies, and ensuring climate change is the number one issue on any election agenda.

Growing numbers of environmental and social activists are recognising the need for profound system change in order to ensure a safe and fair future for everyone. Particularly in the US and Britain, transitional demands are being framed into the so-called 'Green New Deal'. What exactly does it envisage, and what potential would such a plan have in Australia? Join us for this important discussion!

Saturday November 23 @ 2pm

The Boorloo (Perth) Activist Centre, 15/5 Aberdeen St East Perth

Hosted by Socialist Alliance WA

Just like the fight against James Price Point a decade ago, Woodside and BHP's Scarborough gas is not wanted or needed. In a case of history repeating itself, the WA community is showing its opposition to more fossil gas. That's why we will be outside Woodside's offices every other week, until they walk away from Scarborough gas. Come down in your lunch break and learn more about Woodside's climate wrecking activities each fortnight.


Location: Woodville Reserve Pavilion (Namur St North Perth)

Please join us for our Perth North meetings – every Saturday afternoon at Woodville Reserve Pavilion (Namur St North Perth) between 2-5pm.

The Resources Technology Showcase (RTS) is a mining, oil and gas industry conference. Some of the world's biggest climate criminals will be represented, including Chevron, Woodside, BHP & Shell. These companies profit from fueling climate change, stealing Indigenous land and exploiting workers.

Rather than allowing them to continue their business as usual which is pushing us closer to a climate catastrophe, we will be protesting their conference.

Musical protest outside Geelong Council Meeting

Help lobby Geelong City Council to declare a climate emergency

Location: Pioneer Park, Fremantle, opposite Freo Station

February 25, 5.30pm
Parramatta Town Hall, Church St Mall, Parramatta


Do you have a cool idea for an action but have no bodies to help you?
Do you have a willing body but no ideas?
Seen an Extinction Rebellion action you like the look of and want to join them or find out more?
THIS workshop is for you! Meet other motivated people, brainstorm ideas and get support to make them happen!

This is the best way to organise XR actions - in person, in a big space where we can get creative and physical.

Wednesday, 6-8.30pm, July 24, 2019

Hamilton Hill Memorial Hall, 435 Carrington Street, Hamilton Hill 6163

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