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Last week, the Howard government finally confirmed its intention to withdraw the limited land rights achieved by Australia's indigenous people over the last few decades. Of course, the announcement in parliament on October 8 was not worded so


By Francisco T. Sobrino BUENOS AIRES — A national 36-hour strike ended at midnight on September 27. The strike had a 70-80% success rate in the industrial belt around Buenos Aires, while support in the provinces was estimated at 50-80%. The union
An opinion poll conducted by the Palestinian Centre for Public Opinion in Bet Sahour near Bethlehem, which polled 500 Palestinians in the West Bank, found that 68.7% support the continuation of the protests that started on September 25 in response to
Shoulda Been A Champion ...Denis Kevans with Vinegar Hill Compact Disk, Lorikeet Records(For stockists phone Denis Kevans: 047 573 119)Reviewed by Al McCall* In my role as non-resident (and usually anonymous) poetry editor for Green Left Weekly, I
The Afghan Project for the Needy "I would like to open up a place where people who are hungry could come and get a shower, a change of clothes and a good hot meal." — The Reverend R. B. Cottonreader It is not often that men in prison can
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — After eight months in prison, Russian anti-nuclear activist Aleksandr Nikitin has now had formal charges brought against him. On October 2, the Federal Security Service (FSB) announced that it had completed its
Fear strikes Kiev as Chernobyl heats up MOSCOW — In the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, the scenes recalled those during April 1986, when rumours were flying of a massive accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, 100 kilometres to the north.
By Norm Dixon Tonga's absolute monarch, King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV, suddenly dissolved parliament after it voted on October 1 to impeach the minister of justice for corruption. The move coincided with mounting local and international protests about
A Season of Blood: Poems From Kenyan PrisonVita Books. 156 pp., $15Kenya: A Prison NotebookVita Books. 287 pp., $15Both by Maina wa KinyattiReviewed by Ndungi wa Mungai These two volumes of prison writing are based on the author's experience as a
By Lisa Macdonald Two weeks ago, infamous Nazi apologist David Irving decided that the time was right to reapply for entrance into Australia. While most establishment media commentators railed against allowing into this country the man infamous for
Good housekeepers, unite! "Labour will be the party of sound finance and good housekeeping." — British Labour Party leader Tony Blair, summoning the faithful to electoral battle. Doing things "A number of examples have come to my attention
Tasrail threatened By Natalie Woodlock HOBART — The federal government has recommended handing the management of Tasmania's railway system back to the state government, raising the prospect of part-privatisation and more than 200 job losses.
Actively Radical TV — Sydney community television's progressive current affairs producers tackle the hard issues from the activist's point of view. CTS Sydney (UHF 31), every Thursday, 7pm. Access News — Melbourne community TV, Channel 31,
WASP with The Zig-Zag Woman and Patter for the Floating LadyWritten by Steve MartinDirected by Neil ArmfieldCompany B, Belvoir St Theatre, Sydney, until November 17Reviewed by Jennifer Thompson Steve Martin's new splash would set family man John
Speak-out against racism By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Independent MP for Oxley Pauline Hanson should "look at the history of Australia, which was built on the backs of the Aboriginal people", Aboriginal pastor Reg Yates told a rally of some 200 in
The Controversy of Zion: How Zionism tried to Resolve the Jewish QuestionBy Geoffrey WheatcroftSinclair-Stevenson, 1996. 396 pp., $39.95 (hb)Reviewed by Phil Shannon Israel is at the heart of Zionist politics, but the attempt to realise Jewish
By Tim E. Stewart DARWIN — Leading activists from the Education Action Group (EAG) have organised a ticket to contest the Student Union elections at the Northern Territory University. Under the banner "HEAT" (Higher Education Action Team), the
For 250 issues now, Green Left Weekly has taken a stand against the rich and powerful, exposing the lies spread by their ownership of the establishment media: 250 issues of independent news and opinion, with a breadth and depth of coverage that is
By Shane Bentley and Paul Benedek SYDNEY — Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET) has issued an emergency appeal to activists around the world to defend the political prisoners arrested in Indonesia during the recent military
TWU members pledge a fight BRISBANE — Calling a combined meeting of Transport Workers Union delegates and members for October 8 at the Trades and Labor Council, TWU state secretary Hughie Williams declared that "the federal government's proposed
Free speech fight in Tonga — Details of the protests against the jailing of two journalists and a pro-democracy activist in Tonga have been posted as an "action alert" section of the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism's Online Journalist
Gearing up to reclaim the night By Kerryn Williams CANBERRA — Kamini Junankar, a Resistance member involved in organising this year's Reclaim the Night march here on October 25, told Green Left Weekly that the theme of the event is to reclaim
By Michael Bull Jorge Jorquera's article "Political battle inside WA CFMEU" in GLW #245 supporting the Bill Ethell-led ticket in the CFMEU elections missed some important points. He writes that "the Ethell team ... has attempted to promote a sense
The Pajama GameNIDA production, directed by Tony KnightParade Theatre, Kensington, SydneyUntil 19 OctoberReviewed by Brendan Doyle Imagine a '50s Broadway musical about a strike in a pajama factory, performed by 23 spunky, energetic NIDA graduates
By Vaarunika Dharamapala. PERTH — A cross-campus week of solidarity with Indonesia will be held here between October 21-27. The event was initiated by Resistance and is supported by Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor. After the
Students activating the education campaign By Michael Bramwell PERTH — In an effort to strengthen the education campaign and establish a more representative student guild, a range of education, environment and feminist activists will be
By Jennifer Thompson A restrained state of war continues between Israel and Palestinians in the wake of the September 25 uprisings across the occupied territories. Palestine Report publisher and political commentator Ghassan Khatib described the
By Carol Booth BRISBANE — Environment groups will challenge in the High Court federal environment minister Senator Robert Hill's consent to Keith Williams' Port Hinchinbrook development. The case will be a benchmark in environmental law,
By Marina Cameron The Liberals' cuts to higher education in the federal budget are part of a worldwide drive by capitalist governments to cut public spending. In other countries the process of winding back free education and pushing the user-pays
By Francisco T. Sobrino BUENOS AIRES — In some provinces, the economic and social deterioration of life has pushed workers to resist and fight. Carlos Ménem's government has replied with harsh repression. Around the country, there are more
NTEU launches new campaign By Jeremy Smith The National Council of the National Tertiary Education and Industry Union met on October 3-5 to decide on its higher education campaign directions. The outcome was a turn to a "leading site" strategy:
More than 1000 farmers, scientists, government officials and others from 92 countries convened in Copenhagen in August for the 11th Scientific Conference of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). The conference
By Carl Gosper and Toby Hawker WOLLONGONG — To inform and mobilise more students in the campaign against the Howard government's attacks on higher education, Resistance is running for positions on the Wollongong University Student Representative
Much depends on Canadian auto workers' strikeMuch depends on Canadian auto workers' strike Automobile workers in the United States and Canada are presently struggling with the Big Three — General Motors, Chrysler and Ford — over the terms
On October 9, the Suharto dictatorship began the trials of 60 people arrested during rioting in Jakarta on July 27. At least another 60 are due to be put on trial shortly, along with 24 leaders and members of the People's Democratic Party (PRD) and
By Paul Howes SYDNEY — The recently formed United Secondary Students Union of NSW is calling on high school students across Sydney to walk out of school on October 22 to protest against the state government's "street safety" legislation. The
By Doreen Kelly and Chris Martin SYDNEY — Activists campaigning for the preservation of a building of historic and cultural significance to Aboriginal people have reacted angrily to a decision by NSW planning minister Craig Knowles to allow
By Lisa Macdonald Few people are aware of the existence of the Model Criminal Code Officers' Committee (MCCOC), yet it may be about to change many women's lives. Established in 1991, this standing committee of attorneys general of Australia
Beautiful ThingDirected by Hettie MacDonaldWritten by Jonathan HarveyFeaturing Glen Berry, Linda Henry, Scott Neal, Tameka Empson, Ben DanielsReviewed by Giovanna Castellani This aptly titled film is not only beautiful but leaves you replenished and
By Jorge Andres Arguably, the only submission to the National Tax Reform Summit really sympathetic to the needs of the working majority was United Distillers' proposal for a cut in the excise for rum. Apart from that, all "serious" parties
BRISBANE — ERROL O'NEILL is well known in theatre circles here. As well as being an actor, he has established himself as a playwright for main stage theatre. After working with the well-known touring company Popular Theatre Troupe until its demise
On September 20, the US Defense Department released documents showing that from 1982 to 1991 the US Army School of the Americas (SOA) trained Latin American military officers with US Army intelligence manuals advocating the blackmail, torture and
CPSU leaders 'forget' to count DEETYA resolution By Bruce Marlowe Over the last two weeks, Community and Public Sector Union members in the Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs have been voting on how to respond to the
The Gate of Heavenly PeaceProduced and directed by Richard Gordon and Carma HintonFrom October 24 for three weeks at Valhalla, Glebe, Sydney; followed by Adelaide, Canberra and PerthReviewed by Eva Cheng Supported by valuable footage, The Gate of
PETI LAFANAMA is chairperson of the recently formed PNG Watch-Council for Socio-Economic Justice, a coalition of non-government organisations and grassroots activist groups opposed to the World Bank and PNG government's structural adjustment program.
By Pat Brewer CANBERRA — A seminar held here on September 8 heard two very different views on how unions should prepare to meet the changes proposed in the Workplace Relations Bill currently before parliament. Craig Simmons, ACT organiser with
By Peter Boyle Australian Labor Party in governments in the 1980s and 1990s — state or federal — were decidedly conservative. Like all other old social democratic parties, the ALP has moved to the right and adopted the capitalists' neo-liberal
By Stephen Marks MANAGUA — In the last weeks of the election campaign, a barrage of slanders has been launched against the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) and its presidential candidate, Daniel Ortega. Leading this effort has been the
By Jorge Andres On October 9, Aboriginal Australia was granted 12.4 hectares of its stolen land, enough for dignity but hardly a fair swap. This was the first recognition of native title in mainland Australia. If only we could say "Australia is not
Orchids in the MoonlightBy Carlos FuentesDirected by Jose de KostaTheatre XThe Pilgrim Theatre, until October 27Reviewed by Neville Spencer Orchids in the Moonlight (Orquídeas a la Luz de la Luna) is the third play written by Carlos Fuentes,
By Malik Miah "It's better to vote for something you want and not get it, than to vote for something you don't want, and get it." — Eugene V. Debs, turn of the century labour and socialist leader who was a candidate for president of the United
Lift workers make headway with wage claim By Sue Brooke MELBOURNE — Workers in the lift industry have joined the campaign by construction workers against the federal government's tax on fares and travel. The current phase of the campaign is to
Monarchy in Australia by Johnny 'Rotten' Howard with Sid Fisher I yama monarchist Economic rationalist I know what I want and how to get it I got a mandate to DESTROY! Oh, I wanna be MONARCHY! Abos go home tear down their pleasure
Public inquiry into Roxby expansion By Rob Graham ADELAIDE — A sizeable crowd gathered at Boltz Cafe on October 3 for the launch of the public inquiry into the expansion of Western Mining Corporation's (WMC) Roxby Downs uranium mine in far
Sydney University elections By Sarah Peart In elections at Sydney University, the presidential position has been won by Katrina Curry, candidate for Left Alliance and the Left Caucus. However, at the beginning of counting, Sholto Macpherson (who
WA group opposes anti-gay discrimination By Leon Harrison PERTH — In response to the failure of same-sex amendments to equal opportunity legislation to be put to state parliament, a new group called Queer Radical has been formed. The group held
By Kevin Meaney MELBOURNE — Cusson's will be retrenching or relocating 39 staff from its Richmond factory by May 1997 as it closes the factory down. The main factory at Dandenong will take on 20 Richmond workers. Members of the Australian
Buying back the farm Pauline Hanson has yet to find a buyer for her fish and chip shop business. She has had several expressions of interest but has been unable to make a sale. This week I intercepted the following advertisement intended for the
By Dick Nichols If ever there was an abused term in the lingo of the left, it's "sectarian". For most, it just means "small" or "irrelevant". So sleek Labor MPs and trade union potentates dub all left organisations "sects": they're big and