Loose cannons

Wednesday, October 16, 1996

Loose cannons

Good housekeepers, unite!

"Labour will be the party of sound finance and good housekeeping." — British Labour Party leader Tony Blair, summoning the faithful to electoral battle.

Doing things

"A number of examples have come to my attention in the last two years of provinces in Canada, states of America or some places in Europe where they are doing things which I think might be of value to us." — Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett, explaining why his planned "sabbatical" (paid for by him) has been replaced by an eight-week "international fact-finding mission" paid for by you-know-who.


"People are sick of us." — ALP leader Kim Beazley, discounting his party's chances in the Lindsay by-election.


"She should not make trouble all the time, like opening a new party headquarters and then suing the government for closing it and so forth. It's outrageous." — Indonesian General Syarwan Hamid on Indonesian Democratic Party leader Megawati Sukarnoputri.

That's the problem

"The Labor Party's record in terms of WA Inc is clear for all to see." — Geoff Gallop, new leader of the WA ALP.

Wonder no more

"I have wondered for years why the Democratic Party should not have at least as much or more support from business as the [Republican] Party." — US President Bill Clinton, at a rally in which his campaign was endorsed by 300 business leaders.