Thanks for another milestone

October 16, 1996

For 250 issues now, Green Left Weekly has taken a stand against the rich and powerful, exposing the lies spread by their ownership of the establishment media: 250 issues of independent news and opinion, with a breadth and depth of coverage that is the envy of many progressive organisations around the world.

In a brutal economy that grows more brutal every year, not many independent papers last as long as this one has.

Green Left Weekly is in a strong position today, but it hasn't been easy. Without the generous and consistent support of its readers, maintaining such a quality publication would have been impossible. So, on the special occasion of the 250th issue, we want to thank everyone who has donated their time, energy and money over the years to support the best progressive newspaper in Australia.

Green Left Weekly is for those who reject the idea that humanity should be divided along lines of class, race and sex. As right-wing, racist and sexist opinions become ever more strident in the establishment press, Green Left gives a voice to the majority, to the ordinary people whose opinions aren't usually heard or represented. It campaigns against the injustice and corruption of the status quo and gives activists the information we need to continue the struggle.

You can help us celebrate the 250th issue, and help ensure another 250, by taking out a subscription to Green Left Weekly or buying one for a friend details of our special offer are on page 5. Green Left Weekly it's your paper.