WA group opposes anti-gay discrimination

Wednesday, October 16, 1996

WA group opposes anti-gay discrimination

By Leon Harrison

PERTH — In response to the failure of same-sex amendments to equal opportunity legislation to be put to state parliament, a new group called Queer Radical has been formed.

The group held its first meeting on September 19 and intends to use rallies, demonstrations and networking to further the visibility of the need for the amendments.

Spokesperson Neil Gray said Queer Radical was left-oriented and multifaceted in its approach to issues. "The intention is to organise direct action against communities, companies and government institutions that fail to support equal opportunity for all people", he said.

"The need for changes to discrimination law can be pushed working closely with existing organisations like Gay and Lesbian Equality and the union movement. We do not want to be seen as a rival to those already working for anti-discrimination laws, but there is a serious need for a group which will work more actively at street level."

Queer Radical will launch its campaign at the Pride March in November, and will be holding a public meeting at the Court Hotel on October 24.