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Wednesday, October 16, 1996

Free speech fight in Tonga — Details of the protests against the jailing of two journalists and a pro-democracy activist in Tonga have been posted as an "action alert" section of the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism's Online Journalist site (http://acij.uts.edu.au/ACIJ/Tonga/tonga.html). Other regular updates on the jailings are carried by Niuswire (http://www.pactok.net.au/docs/nius/), and by CocoNET Wireless (http://www.uq.oz.au/jrn/tonga.html), produced out of the University of Queensland.

FSLN Web site (http://spin.com.mx/~hvelarde/Nicaragua/FSLN) — The Nicaraguan elections are on October 20 and the FSLN's presidential candidate Daniel Ortega is gaining ground on his conservative opponents. If you can read Spanish, check out the FSLN's site for policies and the latest campaign news and the results.

Radikal sites multiply in fight against cybercensors — Outrage at the German government's attempts to censor the left-wing Radikal magazine (http://www.xs4all.nl/~radikal) and its Dutch service provider has led to the creation of at least 40 "mirror sites" around the world. The German government has blocked German internet users from accessing the Netherlands-based xs4all.nl, but the rapid multiplication of sites highlights the absurdity of attempts to censor the internet. For the latest list of mirror sites, or to find out how to create another, email Radikal at radikal@xs4all.nl.

CIA web page hacked — The US Central Intelligence Agency was forced to pull the plug on its home page after a hacker altered the page to read: "Welcome to the Central Stupidity Agency". A picture of an unknown man replaced that of CIA Director John Deutch, and fictional links were created. The text also read "Stop lying".

Solidarity (http://www.labornet.org/solidarity/solid.html) — Solidarity is a socialist organisation dedicated to a broad regroupment of the US left. It says it relies on "the richness of our traditions and the creativity and experiences of our younger members to foster and develop a forward-looking socialist vision ... We are feminist, anti-racist, and democratic. Within our group, we are trying to foster cultural diversity, flexible practice, and straight-forward socialist politics. We see Solidarity as a contribution to a new US left, one that is neither sectarian nor reformist." The site include many links to the US left as well as articles from its publications Against the Current and Independent Politics.

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