Student elections in Darwin

October 16, 1996

By Tim E. Stewart

DARWIN — Leading activists from the Education Action Group (EAG) have organised a ticket to contest the Student Union elections at the Northern Territory University.

Under the banner "HEAT" (Higher Education Action Team), the ticket's campaign platform calls for more resources for future education campaigns, establishing a lecture-free lunch hour to facilitate student culture, and for the university to be up-front about cuts to faculty funding.

The establishment of a women's room on campus recently won the support of the Student Union. However, HEAT will be campaigning for a properly resourced room with a library and seating, not just an office the size of a cubicle.

HEAT is running well-known queer activist Kin Leong for president, Resistance member Sibylle Kaczorek for education vice-president and EAG activist Chris Bagley for council chairperson. The other council positions being contested are the equal employment opportunity representative, arts faculty and part-time student representatives, and treasurer.

The Student Union incumbents are running a ticket for re-election headed by ex-cop Martin Breen, and the "ACCESS" ticket is standing only to keep Breen out. The most aggressive campaign is being run by an "apolitical" ticket — anthropology students running as the Corrupt Bastards Party. Resistance is being blamed by security staff for the large number of "CBP" posters glued up around campus.

Eleven students have nominated for the three NUS delegate positions. HEAT is running one candidate and directing preferences to the Resistance candidate. The current student president is also contesting.

In previous elections awareness about the policies of each candidate has been low. To combat this Resistance is sponsoring a lunchtime debate on October 16, the second day of polling.