Public inquiry into Roxby expansion

October 16, 1996

Public inquiry into Roxby expansion

By Rob Graham

ADELAIDE — A sizeable crowd gathered at Boltz Cafe on October 3 for the launch of the public inquiry into the expansion of Western Mining Corporation's (WMC) Roxby Downs uranium mine in far north South Australia, and to welcome back those just returned from the "Keep it in the ground" 1996 Roxby Exposure tour.

Democrat Senator Mike Elliot explained that WMC intends to quadruple the output of the mine, which would be a doubling of the limit set by the Roxby Downs Indenture (the specific legislation that covers the mine). He reaffirmed the Democrats' commitment to oppose uranium mining and export.

The inquiry was launched by Steve Baker for the SA Nuclear Issues Coalition. He explained that the expansion would require a new environmental impact statement, which is apparently already under way despite the absence of terms of reference.

Written submissions are encouraged and must be lodged by November 22. Oral submissions can also be made. The aim is to complete the inquiry by February 1997, close to the state election.

For more information, contact Steve Baker at the Conservation Council of SA on (08) 8223 5155.