On the box

Wednesday, October 16, 1996

On the box

Actively Radical TV — Sydney community television's progressive current affairs producers tackle the hard issues from the activist's point of view. CTS Sydney (UHF 31), every Thursday, 7pm.

Access News — Melbourne community TV, Channel 31, has excellent coverage of industrial, environmental and community actions throughout Victoria. Access News broadcasts every Monday, Thursday and Friday at 8pm. Phone (03) 9525 3551 to contact the producers or make a donation.

Advertising Missionaries — In the absence of widespread TV ownership, companies have turned to a theatre group to promote soft drinks, toothpaste and fly spray to villagers in PNG's highlands. The conflicts arising from rapid social change and the conversion to consumerism, along with the stimulation of greed and desire, are explored. ABC TV, Thursday, October 17, 9.30pm.

Age of Fear — Unemployment is the pressing issue in the industrialised world. Peter Jay, the BBC's economics editor, looks at the changed face of job security as he travels to Germany, the US and India to see how these economies are coping with the revolution in our working lives. SBS, Friday, October 18, 7.30pm.

Movie Legend: Salt of the Earth (1953) — This remarkable film portrays the true events of a bitter strike of Chicanos in the zinc mines of New Mexico. When an injunction is issued against the workers, the wives take up the battle with a fury, leaving their husbands to care for home and children. Shot on location in 1953 by blacklisted film makers, it faced vigilante attacks, its star's deportation to Mexico and a boycott by almost every cinema in the US. Directed by Herbert Biberman (one of the Hollywood Ten). SBS, Friday, October 18, 9.30pm.

Dancing in the Streets: Make it Funky — As the early '60s hopes for change among African-Americans waned, music reflected the change. Hear and see the music of James Brown, Sly Stone, George Clinton and many other champions of funk. ABC TV, Friday, October 18, 9.30pm.

Movie: Odd Man Out (1947) — A leader of the Irish underground is seriously wounded and hunted by the police. ABC TV, Friday, October 18, 10.40pm.

The Hollywood Ten — A short film about 10 filmmakers who defied the notorious House Committee on Un-American Activities in the autumn of 1947 and were convicted of contempt of Congress. In the summer of 1950, their appeals having been denied, the Hollywood Ten went to prison. This film was made on the eve of their imprisonment. SBS, Friday, October 18, 11.05pm.

Stretton on Saturday — Andrea Stretton interviews controversial Aboriginal novelist, poet and critic Mudrooroo, who changed his name from Colin Johnson as a protest against the bicentenary celebrations in 1988, and whose uncompromising literary criticism has sometimes offended members of Aboriginal communities, while his unflinching representation of white invasion has placed him at odds with the white establishment. SBS, Saturday, October 19, 3.30pm.

Wheeler on America — Charles Wheeler examines the long and often bloody struggle that African-Americans have had to endure to achieve some semblance of social justice and equality. SBS, Sunday, October 20, 8.30pm.

Jerusalem: An Occupation Set In Stone — This documentary focuses on the Palestinian inhabitants of occupied East Jerusalem, and on the thousands of Palestinians whose daily lives depend on access to the facilities and services provided in the city. These people tell their stories. SBS, Tuesday, October 22, 8.30pm.

Whose Child is This — The story of Native American and Native Canadian children taken from their mothers at birth, who have experienced confusion, anxiety and apartheid in adopted white suburbia in Edinburgh, the Netherlands and Canada. SBS, Wednesday, October 23, 8.30pm.