Stu Harrison

The latest brutal attacks on Gaza have had a perverse effect on Israeli politics. Extreme right wing political parties have gained greater support in the recent Israeli elections.
The longest strike in Anglo-Canadian history, at Toronto’s York University, has been suppressed by anti-union, legislation after a three-month long picket line.
Europe has all but exploded into the new year with a growing fightback against the policies that caused economic crisis across the continent. Millions of protesters are beginning to take on those responsible for the capitalist meltdown.
“The choice facing Israel in eight days time concerns peace, and the country can say yes to peace or no to peace … A dove of peace is sitting on the window ledge, and we can decide to open the window and let it in, with all the apprehension, or slam the window shut”, Kadima party electoral candidate and current Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni told an international media conference on February 2.
“People will die because of the BBC decision. Let me be clear about that. … It is capitulating to Israeli pressure”, Stop the War Coalition (StWC) president and retired Labour politician Tony Benn told BBC on January 24.
“What truce are they talking about. We work on the land just like farmers. We don’t have bombs. These people don’t want to make any truce”, Khalil Mohamed Breaim told Al Jazeera on January 28.
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“Perhaps one day we will understand how wrong our actions in this region have been from time immemorial.”
“We want to believe we are safe here … but the bottom line is that I’ve lost confidence in the Israeli side and that needs to be restored urgently, and it is their duty to restore this confidence”, United National Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) head John Ging told AP on January 13.
“It’s absolutely impossible, unbelievable, it’s a massacre.”
Fishing boats have become the latest target in Israel’s war on the Palestinian territory of Gaza.
While the world was distracted by the US elections, Israel broke its four-month-old ceasefire with the Hamas-run Gaza government on November 4, entering the territory and killing six people and capturing six others.