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Two international activist boats successfully broke the Israeli blockade on the Palestinian Gaza Strip enclave on August 23.
As the Olympic Games opened in Beijing, world leaders have been issuing entreaties to “put politics aside”.
More than one thousand people successfully blockaded the world’s largest coal port in Newcastle on July 13, bringing coal trains to a halt for most of the day. The mass blockade was part of the Camp for Climate Action, held in Newcastle between July 10-15.
The latest extension to racist citizenship laws has turned Israel into an apartheid state, according to a June 29 report in Israeli newspaper Haaretz.
A May 1 visit to Deakin University by PM Kevin Rudd was met with a small but very vocal demonstration by students campaigning for an end to Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people.
For Mel Barnes of the Tasmania-based group Students Against the Pulp Mill (SAPM) and Resistance, “young people have the authority to decide our future”, and they can inspire others to take action. Barnes was speaking at the Climate Change — Social Change Conference in Sydney, April 11-13, on a panel with other young environment activists.
Channel Seven boss Kerry Stokes’s HRL Ltd and China’s Harbin Power Engineering Company are to build a $750 million “clean coal” power station in the Latrobe Valley that, when operational from the end of 2009, will add significantly to Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions.
Following the age-old premise of struggling locally to effect change globally, activists fighting for justice for the Palestinian people are taking big steps forward in a Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign targeted against the criminal Israeli state.
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With opinion polls showing his government is headed for defeat in this year’s federal election, PM John Howard has been sure to pull out the, now well-weathered, “economic management” card in an attempt to regain voter support.
Nuclear power is a solution to nothing but will create endless problems, Helen Caldicott told a meeting of 60 people on June 4. The revival of the nuclear debate by PM John Howard and Labor leader Kevin Rudd was a false one, she said.
Police clashed with protesters in a May Day demonstration in the Chinese territory of Macau. Around 2000 protesters demonstrated against state corruption and lack of jobs for local workers, which they blame on the use of foreign labour. They were


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