Stu Harrison

Renowned progressive journalist and veteran anti-racist campaigner Mumia Abu-Jamal, who faces the death penalty over a police killing he denies, is set to live out his life in prison after a new trial was denied by the US Supreme Court on April 6, said that day.
Egypt has arrested 49 Hezbollah members and is searching the Sanai Peninsula for a further 13 members, claiming that the Lebanese resistance group is plotting terrorist attacks in Egypt to undermine the government.
Israel’s High Court ruled to allow leaders of the extreme right to march bearing Israeli flags through the Palestinian majority town of Umm al-Fahm, near Haifa, on March 24.
“You want to haul us out to jail? Fine. Let the world see how government has been ineffective”, Bertha Lewis, chief organiser for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), told the February 17 New York Times.
A new student group, backed by the National Union of Students (NUS), that promises to eradicate racism and hatred has been hailed by those that promote ideas based on both racism and hatred.
Canada’s Conservative government has extended its attacks on the right to free speech.
Israel’s tactic of targeting of Palestine solidarity activists has claimed another victim.
After 8000 km on the road with 100 vehicles and 500 volunteers, the passage of the Viva Palestina convoy into Gaza City brought out thousands of jubilant Palestinians to celebrate the latest breakthrough against Israeli oppression.
As Gaza struggles to rebuild despite Israel’s ongoing near-total siege, more than 300 people in more than 100 vehicles are leading a convoy to bring aid and hope to the Palestinian territory.
Today, the world is littered with crises. From the economic meltdown to the threat to life posed by climate change, the world is in real trouble.
The decision by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to ban Israeli tennis star Shahar Pe’er from playing in the US$2 million Dubai tennis tournament on February 16 — sent shockwaves around the world. However, in reporting this decision, many mainstream outlets have missed the point.
The Israeli apartheid state, seemingly unconcerned by worldwide outrage and condemnation of its latest attacks on Gaza, has set about extending its domination over the occupied territories.