WEST PAPUA: Concern for activist held by police


On June 14, West Papuan non-violent activist and human rights advocate Jonah Wenda was arrested in the West Koya area, about 30 kilometres from the Papua New Guinean border, and later transferred to Jayapura, where he is being detained. Wenda was carrying out humanitarian work and human rights investigations at the time of his arrest. Human rights workers have been denied access to Wenda and it is believed that he is in urgent need of medical attention. Wenda was previously a political prisoner, spending several years in jail after he was arrested for joining a non-violent political demonstration as a high-school student. Contact the Jayapura head of police on +62 811 480 168 to seek assurance that Wenda is being properly treated and given access to a lawyer of his choosing.

From Green Left Weekly, June 21 2006.
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