Help get Green Left Weekly around on November 30


EM>Green Left Weekly is calling on supporters to help get the paper into thousands of new hands on November 30 — the ACTU-called national day of action against Work Choices.

GLW is committed to the union and community campaign against the Howard government's anti-worker laws, and we want to make sure that Howard and his draconian laws are thrown out at the next election.

The surest way to do that, and hold the ALP to its promise to scrap Work Choices, is to involve huge numbers of people in the campaign. Inspiring and encouraging people with stories of others' struggles and victories is important to making this happen, and GLW carries that sort of information.

George Orwell said: "In times of universal deceit telling the truth can be a revolutionary act." That's what GLW aspires to do, and why we're appealing for your help on November 30. See below to get in touch and order a bundle of papers to distribute at the rally your city or region.