CANADA: Indigenous activist harassed



TORONTO — Sunkmanitu Tanka Isnala Najin, or Wolf Smoke, is an Indigenous person of Mohawk, Lakota and Seneca heritage. His tireless defence of Indigenous people's rights in North America has brought down the wrath of the Canadian state.

Wolf's most recent troubles began when he was fired from his job as a high school science teacher in Regina, Saskatchewan, for expressing views supportive of Indigenous sovereignty. Shortly after being fired, Canadian immigration authorities investigated Wolf. Because he identifies as a "pre-Canadian" and asserts his right to travel Turtle Island (North America) without papers such as a birth certificate, Immigration Canada tried to deport him to the United States.

However, the US authorities would not accept the order because Wolf also identifies as "pre-American" and Canadian officials had no choice but to allow him to stay in Canada.

Instead, Canada has made Wolf's life a living hell. The government took Wolf to court on phoney charges of deceitfully using his partner's social insurance number to gain his job. This charge was only brought against Wolf after the attempted deportation failed. As the result of a growing movement in support of Wolf, the charges of fraud were abruptly dropped.

On November 18, Immigration Canada officials delivered a "notice of appeal" on the fraud charges, which signals the attorney general's intention to seek their reinstatement. Readers are asked to send protest letters to the Canadian government at <> or <>.

From Green Left Weekly, December 11, 2002.

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