Join Melbourne Activist Legal Support (MALS) for a series of free virtual public panels and trainings around the theme: “Protest, Repression and the Law.” These panels and trainings have been made possible through a grant from the Victoria Law Foundation in relation to Law Week 2020.

A Right to Protest?

No Extradition: Julian Assange's Father & The Struggle for His Son's Freedom. (Director, Pablo Navarrete, 35 mins, Alborada Films). Featuring John Shipton plus Nils Melzer (UN Special Rapporteur on Torture), M.I.A, John Pilger, Lowkey, Lisa Longstaff + others.

Online Forum: Victoria's Healthcare Disaster: Lessons from Covid-19.

Victoria, more than any other state or territory in Australia has had a prolonged and difficult outbreak of COVID-19 resulting in over 500 deaths to date, over 3000 healthcare workers testing positive, extended lockdowns, curfew and heavy policing.

Join us for a discussion on how the pandemic has impacted Victoria and our healthcare system, how it is that Victoria got to this point and lessons we can learn going forward.

Guest speakers include:

The GWUN sisters warmly invite you to our on-line forum on the impacts of the global pandemic on working women.

It’s widely recognised that women have been on the front lines of the pandemic and have also lost more jobs, more pay and more work hours than me. Our speakers will discuss a range of issues affecting working women followed by time for questions and discussion.

Please join us via the Zoom link below.

Saturday 7 November 12-2pm (Vic/NSW AEDT) 9am-11am (WAST) 11am-1pm (QLD/AEST)
Join via zoom @

Bunurong man Bruce Pascoe is an award-winning Australian writer and editor. He is published nationally and internationally and his fiction and non-fiction works have won several national literary competitions.

His best seller, Dark Emu: Black Seeds: Agriculture or Accident? explores the history of Aboriginal land management, animal husbandry and culinary and architectural achievements prior to colonisation.

This four-part seminar series will address: The cause of pandemics, droughts, soil erosion and land and river system degradation.

A lot of us expect to come under housing stress in September/October. We have under 7 weeks before the eviction moratorium ends, with JobSeeker & JobKeeper set to be reduced at the same time, many of us will not be able to pay our rent. This is a public forum to try and address the situation as a community, come along! For a variety of reasons, we expect a lot of evictions at the end of September unless we can act to stop them.

Speakers include:
Srishiti Chatterjee - International Student & University of Melbourne Student Union Officer
Shafic - Migrant Worker & United Workers Union Member
Matt Kunkel - Director, Migrant Workers Centre

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