By Eva Cheng "I think it is absolutely critical, not only for Asia but for the rest of the world, that Japan [its economy] get back on track", warned US Treasury secretary Robert Rubin on September 4, the day before he met Japanese finance minister
By Sean Healy MIRPUR, Azad Kashmir — Kashmir is a nation in torment — partitioned, brutally repressed, its people the victims of a vicious proxy war between India and Pakistan. The Kashmiri people want an independent, free Kashmir, beholden to
By Jill Hickson On August 29-30, the council of the Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor (APCET) met in Jakarta to discuss the post-Suharto situation for Indonesia and East Timor, and the future activities of APCET. APCET is a coalition of
By Norm Dixon Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe's claim that his regime's military expedition into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is motivated by a selfless need to turn back "foreign aggressors" has not been enthusiastically accepted at
Chile: coup anniversary brings heavy repression On September 11, Chileans commemorated the 25th anniversary of the bloody 1973 coup d'etat that overthrew democratically elected socialist president Salvador Allende Gossens. The coup was led by
NY cops 'came ready for war' By Barry Sheppard In a flagrant denial of freedom of speech and assembly, New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani unleashed his racist police force to harass, then brutally attack, a rally of African Americans in Harlem
International news briefs Muhammad Ali calls for end to Cuban blockade Former world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali, in Havana on September 11, called for the lifting of the US blockade of the island. Lonnie Ali said her husband's
By David Bacon SALINAS, California — Twenty-eight years ago, at the end of the great Salinas lettuce strike of 1970, virtually all of the valley's largest vegetable growers signed contracts with the United Farm Workers (UFW). Among them was the
Detained-disappeared in Chile Year of disappearance by number of disappeared 1973 632 1974 279 1975 85 1976 136 1977 35 1978 11 1979 1 1980 2 1981 5 1983 2 1984 3 1985 1 1987 5 1989 1 Total 1198 (1125 men, 73 women, 75
By Corporate Europe Observatory The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is cultivating a "partnership" with the United Nations. It is pushing for the implementation of a "framework of global rules" that it plans to help draft. The ICC
By Peter Gellert MEXICO CITY — While the Asian and Russian disasters have contributed to Mexico's current economic crisis, domestic issues also play a central role. The inability of the Mexican government and the Congress to resolve the
By Norm Dixon The fate of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) president Laurent Kabila's government and the oppressed Banyarwanda and Banyamulenge people in eastern Congo now rests in the hands of the DRC's neighbours. Contrary to the loud claims