By Mahmoud Najjar and Adam Hanieh RAMALLAH — On August 5, a new cabinet was announced by Palestinian President Yasser Arafat. The announcement met controversy over the size of the new cabinet; 10 new ministers were added, bringing the total
'Forever protest the annexation of Hawai'i' By Zohl de Ishtar On August 12, 100 years ago, the US illegally annexed Ka Pae'aina (Hawai'i). The US had invaded the archipelago in 1893, overthrowing the Maoli Queen Liliu'okalani. In 1993 President
Tamils urge UN to probe alleged mass graves Thousands of Tamils demonstrated outside the United Nations' European headquarters in Geneva on August 17 in support of a call for an international probe of alleged mass graves in Sri Lanka. Protesters
US shows its 'reach is long' — again By Sean Healy LAHORE — In yet another demonstration to the world of military might, US President Bill Clinton has bombed targets in Afghanistan and Sudan. The air strikes, by jet and cruise missile, were
Dangerous pesticide use in Nigeria More than 600,000 farming households in Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria may be exposed to pesticide hazards due to poor handling conditions, according to a recent study based on interviews with 180 households in
Skate, Kabui at odds over Bougainville independence By Norm Dixon Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Bill Skate stated bluntly on August 4 that he will not permit Bougainville to become independent. His statement has called into question the peace
Dita Sari: 'Habibie is Suhartoism without Suharto' JAKARTA — Green Left Weekly's JULIA PERKINS recently spoke to DITA SARI, People's Democratic Party (PRD) leader and chairperson of the Centre for Indonesian Labour Struggle, in Tangerang women's
According to a recently released report, results from four human pesticide experiments have been submitted to the US Environmental Protection Agency since 1992, and EPA regulators believe that more are under way in Britain. The growing use of human
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — After pledging US$22.6 billion to save Russia from economic meltdown, international lenders are being called upon to extend a further US$18 billion. Not, this time, to avoid metaphorical meltdowns, but to help set the
NZ Alliance discusses coalition with Labour By Zanny Begg AUCKLAND — More than 350 people gathered at Massey University in Albany on August 8-9 for the Alliance national conference. The Alliance groups three parties: NewLabour, Mana Motuhake
While in Indonesia last month, Green Left Weekly's JULIA PERKINS spoke with BELA, a 20-year-old women who works at one of Sungai Buaigrup's biscuit factories in Tangerang. Question: Tell us about the industrial action that has been taking place at
By Dennis Grammenos The neo-liberal agenda is being imposed on Colombian workers through the union-busting overhaul of the country's labour code and the unrelenting terror of death squads. The anti-union onslaught has taken its toll on Colombia's