Oppose union busting at Greenpeace Greenpeace Canada (GPC), with an annual budget of more than $7 million, is on a drive to bust the union of telephone and door canvass employees. The phone canvass department raises an estimated $250,000 for GPC,
By John Meehan DUBLIN — In early June 1998, the Good Friday agreement (GFA) was endorsed by huge majorities in parallel referendums on both sides of the border dividing Ireland. One month later elections to a new devolved Northern Ireland
Indonesia's militant trade union, the Indonesian National Front for Labour Struggle (FNPBI), on January 20 condemned the minister of finance Bambang Sudibyo's proposal to increase the salaries of senior politicians. The increases are contained in the
By Max Lane The commander-in-chief of the Indonesian armed forces (TNI), Admiral Widodo, has met President Abdurrahman Wahid to assure him that the TNI is not planning a coup. Other key generals have given the same assurances in the wake of strong
Statement by the Campaign to Stop the War in Chechnya We, the undersigned, condemn the Russian invasion of Chechnya. We call for the immediate withdrawal of all Russian forces, and for the recognition of the Chechens' right to self-determination.
Cubans demand 'Bring Elian home!' By Gilberto Firmat ATLANTA — Elian Gonzalez is at the centre of what has become the bitterest dispute ever between Cuba and the United States. He was found on November 25, Thanksgiving Day, floating in an
West Papuans occupy embassy in Jakarta By Tim Murphy Students from West Papua occupied the Dutch embassy in Jakarta on January 17. They are demanding that Holland fulfil its promises to help West Papua achieve independence from Indonesia. West
Taliban are still brutal 'villains' By Lynette Dumble Since its seizure of Afghanistan in 1996, the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban has rapidly become the world's most despised regime. In August, a United Nations investigation revealed that the
By Jorge Jorquera In the January 16 second round of Chile's presidential election, the far-right Alianza Por Chile presidential candidate, Joaquin Lavin, was defeated by the Concertacion's candidate, Ricardo Lagos, with 51.31% to Lavin's 48.69%.
By Roberto Jorquera In the mid-1980s, the objective political and economic situation began to pose major challenges for the Cuban Revolution. The economy was starting to show signs of stagnation and increased bureaucratic practices. The gains that
Jailed activist on hunger strike in Peru Lori Berenson, a United States activist serving a life sentence for treason in Peru, launched a hunger strike on January 11, the fourth anniversary of her jailing. She is demanding to be transferred to
Syria: the peace of the weak Last week, the latest round of peace talks between Israel and Syria began. In this article, abridged from Challenge magazine, YAKOV BEN EFRAT explains the probable consequences of the peace talks for Syria and the Arab