Behind the Spanish left's worst electoral loss By G. Buster In the March 12 Spanish election, the left suffered the worst electoral defeat in its history. After four years of conservative and neo-liberal policies, the governing People's Party
Indonesia plans to deport labour consultant By Pip Hinman Roger Smith, an Australian who works for the American Centre for International Labor Solidarity, which is funded by the US government and the AFL-CIO, has been threatened with deportation
By George J. Aditjondro Since the forced withdrawal of the Indonesian armed forces (TNI) from East Timor, and with the TNI's "dual function" (its integration into Indonesia's political structures) being more openly challenged, old methods of
By Eva Cheng The Hindu-fundamentalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the leading party in the 24-party coalition that has ruled India since October, has seized power through the back door in the country's second most populous state of Bihar despite
New anti-terrorism bill targets dissent By Alec Smart LONDON — Legislation allowing police increased powers of arrest and detention is being fast-tracked through the British parliament. "Anti-terrorist" laws, rehearsed and fine-tuned in
South Africa: 'Guns not butter' budget criticised By Norm Dixon South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) has been criticised for introducing an annual budget on February 23 that massively boosts spending for the armed services,
Palestinian Authority forced to release students By Ahmad Nimer RAMALLAH, Palestine - Students at Birzeit University celebrated the unconditional release of those imprisoned by the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the widespread crackdown that
Cuba's battle for socialist renewal By Rafael Hernandez HAVANA — "What will happen when Castro dies?" That's the inevitable question I'm invited to talk about on Cuba overseas. Curiously enough, I also get a repeated question from the most
By James Balowski Indonesia has moved toward a more pluralistic democracy but human rights abuses remained rife in 1999, according to a US State Department report released on February 25. In June, Indonesia held its first free elections since
Leftists attacked in Iraqi Kurdistan The Worker Communist Party of Iraq (WCPI) has accused the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) — which jointly rules Iraqi Kurdistan with the Kurdish Democratic Party at the behest of Washington — of a savage
Lid lifted on global spy network By Sean Healy A report by a committee of the European Union (EU) has revealed, in the greatest detail yet, how governments of the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada maintain a global
Pinochet awarded Oscar for 'Best Actor' ON MARCH 8, the youth wing of Chile's Socialist Party held a mock ceremony in front of the army's offices in the capital, Santiago, to award a replica fake Oscar statue to a human rights activist wearing a