APCET demands release of political prisoners The Asia Pacific Coalition for East Timor Council met in Indonesia for the first time on August 29-31. An APCET media conference called for the release of Xanana Gusmao and all political prisoners in
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — When US President Bill Clinton sat down with Boris Yeltsin on September 1 for the first day of their summit meeting, Russia was without a prime minister, a government or a strategy able to deal with the country's worst
By Russell Mokhiberand Robert Weissman WASHINGTON — In a Congress eager to do the bidding of big business, an item atop the Chamber of Commerce's corporate welfare agenda is in serious jeopardy. The establishment leadership of the House of
Pakistan Labour Party condemns bill Following is an abridged version of the text of a statement issued by the general secretary of Pakistan's Labour Party, Farooq Tariq, about the Pakistan government's Fifteenth Amendment Bill. The Fifteenth
WELLINGTON, NZ — The crisis for right-wing political parties in New Zealand deepened last month when the deputy prime minister, Winston Peters, and a number of other New Zealand First MPs walked out of cabinet over the sale of the Wellington
By Zanny Begg PALMERSTON NORTH, NZ — The New Zealand government recently passed legislation forcing all student unions to hold referendums on voluntary membership before May 1, 1999. In 1995, right-wing students at Waikato University formed a
Radical Basque paper closed By Norm Dixon The Spanish government launched another serious attack on the democratic rights of the Basque people when it forced the closure of the left-wing Basque daily newspaper Egin and its sister radio station,
Protests continue throughout Indonesia MAX LANE is national coordinator of Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET). Lane has been in constant contact with activists from the radical People's Democratic Party (PRD), who are
Indian students chart way forward By Sean Healy PATNA, Bihar
By Jorge Jorquera September 11 marks the 25th anniversary of the overthrow of the left-wing president of Chile, Salvador Allende, by the military. The bloody coup which brought Augusto Pinochet to power ended with the assassination of Allende and
By Eva Cheng According to an August survey of Thailand's Board of Investment, within five industries — food and beverages, textiles, plastics, automobiles and services — which received special state promotion, 82,000 workers lost their jobs in
By Norm Dixon Hopes that Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) Laurent Kabila — whose rebel forces overthrew the "kleptocracy" of the brutal US-backed Mobutu dictatorship in 1997 — would usher in an era of peace, justice and regional cooperation